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Pharmaceutical(Pill Mills) Industry Regulate and profitability Research Paper

Pharmaceutical(Pill Mills) Industry Regulate and profitability - Research Paper ExampleDue to their inadequate business span in a given location, they have huge crowds waiting to see the set up and they have body guards just in case of invasion. This is misuse of pharmaceutical industry which calls for immediate do to protect lives of citizens and health sector (Drugs Policy Alliance, 2007).Yes, the pharmaceutical industry is regulated. Secondly, the law requires a medical professional to write prescriptions if you want to move large amount of pain killers in America. There is also introduction of Health circumspection Distribution Management Association HDMA which controls the supply of narcotic substance. Finally, DEAs power to suspend/ tump over licenses of distributors in case of ethical malpractices acts as control measure (United States-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council, 2011).DEA regulates the industry by formulating the policies to determine production, disseminati on and prescription of narcotic substances. Also HDMA in its management on distribution of health c ar products and combating drug abuse role. Food and Drugs Administration FDA is a regulator in that it supervises food safety, dietary supplements, prescriptions of over- the- prognosticate medicines, blood transfusion and other medical and dietary specializations.As discussed above Pill Mills are not legitimate and their operations involve procurement of sub-standard drugs and supplements which are then prescribed to patients inappropriately. Law enforcement and implantation of drugs policy Acts make it hard for these businesses to transact. For instance, regulation of the amount of pain killers to be produced by DEA and monitoring of distribution channels by HDMA will affect their supply and establishment of their quack businesses. In addition, proper test of food and narcotic products by FDA makes it difficult for Pill Mills to establish their business (FDAs foreign Post, 2010) .Pill Mills are established with an immediate response to the common problems

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Speech Audiometry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

deliverance Audiometry - Essay ExampleUse of hearing upkeep of many types and formats can bring normalcy and comfort to patient short fallings relates to listening and recognition of words which may result in value of professional capabilities, understanding relationships with others, self-confidence and self-satisfaction. Many interrogationes were conducted in past and still going on for rough-and-ready detection of primary listening disabilities. Scientists study linguistic communication as auditory signal to test saucy equipment.Since the advent of speech audiometry, it has helped in differentiating hearing assistances from one another and so has come to be known as the basic assessment of the ability of hearing. Due to the significance and accuracy of its results it has also been considered as the foundation in the hearing aid valuation of the majority of speech. Hence, speech audiometry became the centre of valuation in audiology and the primary methods employ now ar e the same that were used in the 1920s. The query for speech audiometry has not alone been vastly useful but also is revolutionary in regard to the technological advances. Communication ability of a person is considered very important thus, continual research on the subject has been going on for the past 60 years and more. The credit not only goes to the scientists but even to the military investigators, industrial development and clinical audiology researchers.In rel History In relation to the hearing aid fitting procedure, speech audiometry serves its purpose through assessing the effect of occlusion, digest of intelligibility, evaluation of quality, and degree of loudness. Comparative hearing aid assessments also used speech audiometry as the main evaluation of performance. In the late 1940s, speech testing started being used for evaluating and differentiating hearing aids due to its advance speech audiometry quickly became the preferred method to evaluate real-ear hearing ai d performance. Speech testing assesses how amply speech is understood. Surveys conducted in the 1970s show that almost 85% of audiologists were use speech testing when fitting hearing aid. But after almost 30 years it was agnise that these methods were not reliable enough to secure investment by selecting hearing aids in a large amount of clinical time.As the 1980s rolled on, use of speech audiometry in hearing aid fittings dropped to an exceptionally low level. All this was caused because it was seen that hearing aid dispensing is a much little time consuming process than speech testing and fitting approaches were the ones comprising of functional gain rather than speech audiometry. It also lacked the sensitivity to distinguish small differences on an individual basis in hearing aid performance. The benefits received were limited in regard to the time taken to get to them. Due to the technological advancement of that time, the industry started using in-the-ear hearing aid fittin gs as they effectively eradicated the comparative hearing aid evaluation approach altogether. Recent Research Eventually in the 1990s, speech testing was on the whole, rarely used for hearing aid differentiation and aided speech testing was

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The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Term Paper

The National Environmental insurance Act (NEPA) - Term Paper ExampleThe Congress noted that the activities of man had profound effects on the environment. These activities include industrialization, high-density urbanization, resource exploitation and technological novelties. To top it off, there was the issue of population growth. The Congress isthmus to the purpose of restoring and maintaining the environment because it in turn reflected on the prosperity of the human race. The intention was to achieve these goals with the coalition of the evoke, the private and public sectors and the support of local authoritiess. The required support was to be in the form of monetary and technical assistance. The Congress had the intention of preserving a future in which the environment and the human race were in harmony for their future generations, (Pub. L. 91-190, 42 U.S.C. 4321-4347, January 1, 1970). Being motivated by the notion of equal rights of each psyche to enjoy a healthy enviro nment, the Congress set the Act into motion and outlined the responsibilities of the Federal Government. The government was required to use all resources at its disposal to ensure that Federal plans and functions related to environmental conservation processes are improved for the sake of the nation. It was in the 1950s and 1960s that the outcry of the public on matters concerning the state of the environment was heard and acted upon by the Congress. A series of congressional debates ensued soon after and a study environmental policy was the outcome. The policy targeted federal agencies which at the time were the main culprits in environmental pollution.

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Phy107 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Phy107 - Essay ExampleA blackbody emits infra carmine wavelengths at room temperature. As the temperature increases, the blackbody starts to emit visible light, starting from red to orange, yellow to white and blue with increasing temperature. When the blackbody turns white, it is already emitting ultraviolet radiation.Stefans Law states that the total nada radiated by a blackbody per unit surface ara is directly proportional to the fourth position of its absolute temperature. This means that as temperature increases, the wavelength of the radiation emitted decreases.Doppler Effect, or Doppler shift, happens when an observer is moving relative to the wave reference book - there is a change in the frequency of the wave perceived by the observer. This means that when we are approaching the wave source, we perceive a higher frequency. When we are receding from the wave source, we perceive a lower frequency.Spectroscopy refers to the dispersion of an disapproves light into its compo nent colors. By analyzing the light emitted by an object, the physical properties of that object such as temperature, mass, luminosity and composition can be inferred by an astronomer. consecutive spectrum, as impertinent to discrete spectrum, refers to energy at all wavelengths. It is emitted by warm objects. The spectrum of light with deficient frequencies is called absorption spectrum. ... Continuous spectrum, as opposed to discrete spectrum, refers to energy at all wavelengths. It is emitted by warm objects. The spectrum of light with missing frequencies is called absorption spectrum. The missing frequencies correspond to wavelengths of light that were preoccupied.3. Explain how a beam of light passing finished a diffuse cloud may give rise to both absorption and emission spectra. cypher that a beam of light passes through a gas, some of the frequencies of the light will be absorbed by the gas. The rest of the frequencies will be able to pass through. When these surviving f requencies are dispersed through a prism, they will show a spectrum with gaps on it. The visible spectrum will correspond to the emission spectrum fleck the dark bands will correspond to the absorption spectrum.4. List three properties of a star that can be determined from observations of its spectrum.a. Total energy that the star radiatesb. Luminosityc. Surface temperatureCHAPTER 51. List three advantages of reflecting scopes everyplace refractors.a. Refractors tend to be heavier overall than reflecting telescopes because of their longer solid tubes and require a larger housing and a more massive mount.b. Reflectors dont disperse color as most refractors are to one degree or another.c. In a refractor the lens can only be supported along the edge so that the path is clear for light to come through unobstructed.2. How does Earths atmosphere affect what is seen through an optical telescopeThe Earths atmosphere is constantly moving, and different layers bend the light from a star in different directions, blurring our consume from the ground.3. What are the advantages of a CCD over a photographThe major advantages of CCD-based cameras are

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The treaty of guadalupe Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The treaty of guadalupe - Research Paper ExampleTherefore, this decision guide to the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe in the late 1840s (Menchaca 215). Since Mexico lost its boundaries, it subsequently lost the current states of Arizona, California, Utah, fresh Mexico, and carbon monoxide including Wyoming. As a result, the country felt the need of finding a solution to compensate the integral loss. A conflict was thus held among commissioners from the two rival countries with the purpose of coming up with well-nigh bright ideas that would be used in coming up with the final solution (Acuna 123). History reveals that, Nicholas Trist (chief clerk of the bring up Department) and another American representative to prexy Polk (General Winfield) set off to examine their Mexican counterpart-General Jose Joaquin. The first meeting bore no fruits and not even a tiny resolution was brought to book (Schultz 422). The delegates to the meeting headstrong to arrange for a second one, as their zeal to bring about peace was undoubtedly strong. When the condemnation came, the delegates met a second time, and their talks were in vain lastly coming up without a solution. blow to come with a long lasting solution meant no peace in the territories ground forces had acquired from the rival. Thus, USA sent Nicholas Trist for a third time, on the third meeting he purposely went out to meet other leaders from the fallen government of Mexico. These were, Don Bernado Couto, Don Miguel de Atristain, and don Luis Gonzaga Cuevas. They were all government officials of a government, which in a way had fallen (Porterfield 5). In the treaty, fresh boundaries were set between the two countries, Mexico succeeded to reach its bid on a number of territories namely, Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuejiijij o Mexico though not cited in entire treaty. Following the years of 1836, more and precisely straight boundaries were set in an attempt to negate tho war eruptions. The entrap consisted of Rio Grande at the northwest part with a successive stretch further north to border Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico. Through the Gila River, to the west, the border took a straight dimension to the port of San Diego (Porterfield 17). This gave a more geographic outlook on the positions of various locations like the Lower California. Mexico realized that it was almost losing some important territories that had steered the occurrence of the war. By the time this realization came, the country had already lost quite a considerable piece of it land to remain on the current area of approximately 1,972,550km?. as a result, United States succeeded in the seizure of Nevada, California, and Utah with its boundaries cutting further to western parts of New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. At the long run, USA had claimed an additional land of 1.36 million km? naming it the Mexican cession. In accordance to Adams-Onis treaty relating to the boundary, Mexico recovered only 45% of the regions fought for. Mexicans agreed in the treaty that Rio Grande would be the Texas border (Menchaca 219). Nicholas Trist and Winfield Scott of the U.S.A conducted the negotiations and drafting of the treaty with the Mexicans since further war would ultimately bear no fruits. This happened in defiance of Presidents Polk orders to fight further in an attempt to claim more territories. Trist presented the treaty to the House of Senate in his country U.S.A for complements (Acuna 248). The

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Marketing Research Practices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing Research Practices - leaven ExampleThe main purpose of these developments was to develop products that could be used in everyday life.The research involves determination potential problems in the present applications used and resolving them by updating them or using natural products. The researchers found the flexibility of a product enables it to be used by more clients. Another serious factor probably the most important one is the cost. If the final product is expensive there will be only few takers for it. Therefore research has been done to use cost effective products. soft research methods are more often used as it involves observation of data that helps in decision solutions to the problems. Qualitative research has been categorised into three categories named as positivist, interpretive and critical.Positivist research methods involves attempt to canvass theory that to understand the predictive element of the phenomena. It involves formal propositions, hypothesi s testing, measuring of quantifiable variables, etc. In this type of research it is assumed that the objectives are given in reality and can be heedful by their properties.Interpretive research method involves sharing of information and social constructions such as language.

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Small Business Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

microscopic Business Plan - Research Paper ExampleBy using the online grant selector on a total of 79 grants were identified. We are estimating that a grant or a combination of grants totaling 10 000 or less than 10% of start up costs would be possible2.The average cost of a lunch entranceway pull up stakes be 10GBP, while the average cost of a dinner entree will be 15GBP. We expect the average lunch drink price to be 2GBP, with more lunch guests having coffee and tea than alcoholic beverages. During dinner we expect the average per person drink order to be 5GBP reflecting that the majority of guests will be having one or more alcoholic beverages. Thus the average per guest lunch ticket will be 12, and the average per guest dinner bill 20.The busiest month of the form is predicted to be December at 115% of average monthly receipts. The next busiest month will be November, bringing in one hundred ten% of the average monthly revenue enhancement. January is typically the slowest month (especially after vacation shoppers receive their December credit entry card statements. As such, we expect only 90% of the monthly revenue in January. February is also slow, further has one of the busiest evenings of the year in Valentines Day, so it will do a healthy 95% of average monthly revenue. Labour and food costs are tied to revenue, and will adjust up and down feather accordingly.For the first year we d... Sales forecastsSALES FORECASTSeating efficacy30Usable capacity0.8 lunchTurns2Customers served48Ave revenue/customer12Lunch Revenue576DinnerTurns3Customers served72Ave revenue/customer20Dinner Revenue1440 occasional Revenue2016Yearly and seasonal fluctuations in RevenueThe busiest month of the year is predicted to be December at 115% of average monthly revenue. The next busiest month will be November, bringing in 110% of the average monthly revenue. January is typically the slowest month (especially after holiday shoppers receive their December credit card state ments. As such, we expect only 90% of the monthly revenue in January. February is also slow, but has one of the busiest evenings of the year in Valentines Day, so it will do a healthy 95% of average monthly revenue. Labour and food costs are tied to revenue, and will adjust up and down accordingly.For the first year we do not expect to make what will become our typical monthly revenues. It takes time to build up a steady clientele. As such, we have adjusted each months revenue during the first year down to 85% of expected. This adjustment is done after the seasonal adjustments discussed immediately above. details of Other costsLease30 000WagesManager(35 000 GBP/yr)2916.66Head hold (25 000 GBP/yr)2083.33Assistant Cook(8.5 GBP/hr - 28hrs/day)3570Dishwasher(6.0GBP/hr - 14hrs/day)2520Servers(6.0GBP/hr - 28hrs/day)5040WAGES TOTAL16129.99WAGES ADJUSTED FOR USAGE direct14516.99General Operating CostsElectricity110Heating110Telephone60 piddle60Office Supplies40Cleaning300Maintenance &

4. Strategic management- evaluation of the article Coursework - 1

4. Strategic management- paygrade of the article - Coursework ExampleIt will examine the guidelines and also the code of conduct under which the directors or instead the board of directors operates under. It also shows the practices which they undertake in order to ensure the success of the company. This will also discombobulate knowledge on how the stakeholders diversity can be employ in order to create take into account boards that will promote the activities of the CSR. This involves taking stakeholders with several(predicate) opinions on different regainings that will affect the company and pose them togetherKhan, (2010).Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of governance that is brand new and is mostly used by almost all modern organizations. In the different companies, there are several and different form of governance. They are used to solve several situations in order to have a groovy outcome and for them to be productive. There is a simple example which s tates that in case there is an asset that is owned by a particular organization and it is under stake, if the approach chosen to overcompensate the issue is sole ownership, it would be the worst approach to be used by the governors of the organization. The best way to handle such a situation would be that the board of directors take action.The CSR is proving to be a strong and able way to solve most of these problems. The boards of directors are very positive towards the strategy. This has improved the performance of many companies. This is also very favourable since it includes and involves the shareholders and until now the stakeholders. This has added the strength of the strategy. Most of the parties involved in the stakeholders group are the managers, suppliers, employees and even some outside firms might be counted in. But there are still problems and setbacks with the strategy as compared with other systems of governance. Some of the managers tend to want to exercise contr ol over the other

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ISRAEL- PALESTINE CONFLICTS Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

ISRAEL- PALESTINE CONFLICTS - Research Paper Example manifestly various researches and reports turn out shown that the most affected region is the Gaza strip where lots of lives reach been lost properties as well as other social amenities have been affected (Mandell 1985).The occurrence of conflicts between the heaven tribes has also created a major setback on the efforts of the international community that has been placed to facilitate stillness negotiation between the cardinal countries. Conflicts between the Sunnis and the Shiites have created divisions among the Palestine leaders hence diverting their solicitude from the peace negotiations towards resolving these internal conflicts (Migdalovitz 2010).Various social researchers as well as other concern world-wide Stakeholders have undertaken studies to find the causes of the Israeli and Palestine conflict. The most obvious factor that has emerged is that the conflicts were triggered by the get by on who owns Gaza however, bodies such as the media have failed to provide comprehensive information concerning the causes of conflict between the two nations. That is, there are cases where the media has portrayed Israel as an innocent nation that is making an attempt to save the predatory Palestine from causing harm to its citizens. This has raised lot of concern from the various stakeholders especially among the Palestine leaders.International Organizations such as the United Nations, World Health Organizations as well as other stakeholder countries have made different efforts to ensure that peace and stability exist between the two nations. However, their efforts have not been successful owing to a number of reasons. The first reason emerges from the inter-ethnic group among the Palestine Tribes these tribal conflicts have been propagated by the differences emerging the specific inter-ethnic affiliations. That is, certain groups such as the Shiites have experienced tremendous evil from the Sunnis who

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Jazz Music in America from 1900 to 1920 Research Paper

Jazz Music in America from 1900 to 1920 - Research Paper lawsuitAs the discussion stressesoriginating in the United States among African American communities, jazz has played a goodish role with respect to the development of popular symphony within the 20th century. This form of music was to begin with the result of a type of synthesis between African and European/American musical instruments/styles. pick out elements that help to differentiate jazz from other forms of music are concentric upon the fact that jazz incorporates the pursuance comp starnts swing tones, improvisation, syncopation, blue notes, and poly-rhythms. Additionally, jazz has also incorporated elements of American popular music, further proving it to be one of the most syncretic types of music. As a direct result of the change that has been presented with respect to jazz music, it has continue to evolve and currently represents one of the most dynamic musical genres.From this paper it is clear thatthe transatl antic buckle down trade can at least be partially understood to have contributed heavily to the inflow of jazz instrumentation, style and culture from parts of West Africa. During this time, roughly half a million sub-Saharan Africans were taken to the Americas. These slaves were mainly from West Africa and the majority of them originated from the Congo River basin. With them, they brought strong musical traditions.Understanding concerning jazz music cannot be wholly separated from an understanding of unique societal patterns and/or the politics of a limited era.

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Creative Marketing and Critical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

notional Marketing and Critical Thinking - Essay ExampleCombination of all these elements will give the outstrip results in marketing processes. Wireless advertising offers potential to target markets creativity stimulates creating new ideas and ideologies broadband technologies award marketing experts to talk large amounts of data and make this process even faster and simpler. Due to inventive thinking wireless advertising gives the opportunity to implement online newsletters, virtual storefronts, interactive brochures, and web(Frame 2003).Marketing process is sometimes called as getting stuck. People need fresh and effective marketing ideas in fiat to heighten new products and services. But very often persons mind is failing back to old ideas. People ar tired of them, because they want and need new marketing approach that will be exciting and in furiousness(p) of surprise, vividness and life. (Nunley 2004) And marketing expert resort to the help of critical thinking and c reativity in order to give nation what they want and really need(Smith 2004).For example, if to ask people to determine the main driving force of advertising, they will most likely tell that it is creativity. Creativity is very key, but it is one of the deuce-ace legs upon which triple-crown marketing is standing. The four legs atomic number 18If to ask the same peo... Creativity is very important, but it is one of the three legs upon which successful marketing is standing. The four legs areMessageMediumCreativity(Hercky 2005)If to ask the same people to demarcate creativity, they will most likely tell that it is something of which they themselves would not have thought. It is a matter of occurrence that creativity and fanciful thinking are the vital components of marketing strategy and planning. They help expert to enlarge new approaches to attract new customers and to retain the power on the old ones. Marketing has to be creative in its thinking and deliver whether in cre ating unique promotional plan, finding technical solution to active problem, designing new web site or devising a differentiating channel distribution model. Hercky (2005) admitted that every marketing expert can be creative if the environment is right and favorable. Marketing has to build on such environment where marketing creativity and creative thinking will flourish, manage that creativity, and still deliver on budget and on time. Creative thinking helps marketing experts to understand how different people work, how to have creative fun during working process and how to make everybody perform at their creative peak. It is important to deliver a real boom to the organization or company(Hercky 2005).There is a question are creativity and creative thinking innate talents reserved only for selected ones or they can be versed like, for example, riding a monocycle or juggling But before answering this question it is required to define creativity in marketing and advertising. Creat ivity in marketing differs significantly from creativity in arts. Hercky (2005) defines creativity in marketing as the melding

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Current article related to international aviation management Course

Current related to international airmanship management Course - Article ExampleEasyJet reports having difficulty selling used aircraft, specifically its A319 narrowbodies but as a result of low offerings, was forced to take the used aircraft off the market (Wall, 2012). The problem is attributed to funding according to an official attached to the aviation industry. It has become increasingly difficult to obtain finacing for used aircraft that is more(prenominal) than a few years old (Wall, 2012).The high cost of fuel has also contributed to the neediness of participation in used aircraft. This is particularly true with respect to high-fuel-burn aircraft even in cases where the used aircraft is virtually new. It is thus hardly surprising that Boeing 737-600s previously used by Malex Hungarian Airlines are currently being phased stunned as opposed to being leased or sold. The financial struggles of leasing companies are also contributing to the lack of interest in used aircraft. F or example, International Lease Finance Corp. has experienced insolvency problems with some of the leased aircraft. In addition, leasing companies are facing competition from the higher rate of production of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Thus in the final analysis, the demands created by overbookings are easier to satisfy by new aircraft than by used aircraft.Wall, R. Aircraft Makes, Lessors Split on Market Outlook. tune Week & Space Technology. March 5, 2012. http//www.aviationweek.com/Article.aspx?id=/article-xml/AW_03_05_2012_p24-431328.xml (Retrieved April 21,

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Date Rape Crime Statistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Date Rape Crime Statistics - assay ExampleThe fact that the parties knew each other or that the woman willingly accompanied the man ar not legal defenses to a charge of delight, although one Pennsylvania decision ruled that there had to be some actual physical resistance.The term rape is a broader domain that involves a variety of sexual round offs. These female genital organ be classified on the understructure of the level of acquaintance between the rapist and the victim, on the basis of number of rapists, on the basis of the consent of the victim, age of victim etc. It is different from other types of rape like unknown rape, spousal rape or statutory rape. Date Rape is the sexual assault by someone, whom the victim knows whereas, as it is obvious from name, the stranger rape is committed by the person whom victim never knew before. It is interesting to note that, contrary to what is commonly believed, date rapes are more common than the stranger one. Spousal rape is the a ct of rape by the spouse. The legal status of this kind of rape is challenge in many constitutions. Statutory rape refers to rape when the consent of victim exists, thus no upshot or threat is applied, but the age of the victim is less than the Age of Consent, the age when one is allowed to pull up stakes his/her consents for the sexual assault.The use of these drugs, especially that of alcohol is or so c... Rohypnol is one common example of Benzodiazepines. It causes blackout to a varying level.Gamma-hydroxybutyrateIt has an affect very similar to alcohol.Other drugsKetamine is a dissociative anaesthetic, and methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy) is an empathogenic phenylethylamine. Chloral hydrate has a sedative/hypnotic effect similar to that of benzodiazepines. (Francis, 1996)The use of these drugs, especially that of alcohol is most common. Moreover, use of these drugs in the date rape is yet universal, since the rapist can easily let the victim have the drug without the victims awareness, on account of his acquaintance with the victim.(Hodgson and Kelly, 2007)The Victim Offender RelationshipUnlike the popular belief, the ratio of date rape is far greater than that of stranger rape. In Canada, the acquaintance rape accounts for rough 64% in 2004. (Criminal using in Canada survey, 2004), while the same accounted for 67 % in United States of America. (Criminal Victimization in United States of America survey, 2004) Approximately 28% of victims are raped by husbands or boyfriends, 35% by acquaintances, and 5% by other relatives. (Violence against Women, Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Justice, 1994)However, these statistics are yet far under the reality on account of different reasons. First of all, there is a common hesitance to breed the event. In the United States in 2004, only 35.8 percent of rape/sexual assault crimes were reported to the police, harmonise to the National Crime Victimization Survey. The FBI estimates that only 37 % of all rapes are reported to the police. U.S. Justice incision statistics are even lower, with only 26% of all rapes or attempted rapes being reported to natural law enforcement officials. Furthermore, the definition of various

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Allegory of Nature by Marten Van Heemskerck, 1567 Case Study

Allegory of Nature by Marten Van Heemskerck, 1567 - Case Study ExampleThe ikon is predominantly oil on panel, and it is after characterized by social diversity in terms of social representation that the painting makes. The first localize goes to the front left part of the ardeucerk, followed by the entire painting in relation to noticing the scenes that Heemskerck presented in the painting. The painting presents a calm scene, characterized by human activity as the painting depicts. There is a emergence of people in the painting, posing in an action-packed manner. In other words, their manner depicts that they are a occur of activities going on with the environment in which the painting is set. Use of color in the painting is decisive to account for. The color used to point out to two racial or ethnic differences that tooshie actually be identified from the painting. Use of light and dark color shows that there are two types of people presented in the painting. Light color diffe rentiates the lighter skin people from the darker skinned people, whose color appearance is darkened in the painting. As earlier mentioned, the environment within which the painting is set is calm, though characterized by some human activity.Comparing the two types of people that Heemskerck presents in the painting, the dark- swarthy people appear more same they are serving the light slanting people. In other words, there is an aspect of servant-hood from the dark colored people towards the light-skinned people in the painting. The front middle of the painting presents a captivating scenario. The darker colored people are enjoying a ride by a woman who is glued to a reverberate admiring herself. On the same position of the painting, a dark-skinned man maneuvers the boat carrying light-skinned people who search to be having a good time based on the way they are holding their food for thought and drinks (Stokstad, 2005). The scenario on the painting also accounts for a certain k ind of social relations between the darker skinned people and their fellow counterparts, and also between them and the lighter skinned people. The painting has an invariant scenery color. Plants in the painting are generally green, depicting health and a favorable environment to thrive in.

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The relationships between billionaire agribusinessmen in the US and Essay

The relationships between billionaire agribusinessmen in the US and new im unsettled farmworkers from Mexico - Essay ExampleKnowing the establish economic structure and the availability of these workers, this created a rift between the owners of the industries who is liter exclusivelyy addicted to using tawdry and under-the-counter (undocumented) workforce and to the requirement of the American commoners to security. In this article, we will deal into the major issues strongly intertwined with illegal undocumented migration such as labor and unemployment issues (i.e. workforce rights violations) and illegal drug trade both in the united States and Mexico furthermore we will also look into the government interventions and the changes it has extended to the labor sector non only to resolve the pressing conflicts between American and Mexican (as well as other minorities) workers barely to entirely improve and restructure the present labor condition of the United States.During the post-World War II period, the United States government invested millions of dollars in agriculture reform and sponsored many farms to improve their technologies such as irrigation system and organic evolution of farm machineries. It was also during this period from 1942 to early 1960s that the United States encouraged these workers from Mexico, China, Japan and other move of Asia to migrate in the U.S and work in their farms for cheap labor. Along with these workers are their families therefore starting up a steady enormous volume of migrants to reside along the agricultural lines of California and Washington. With the increasing pattern of migrants, the competition for labor between them and the native Americans became steeper to the point where unjust labor practices were implemented to curb, contour and permanently impede the surge of migrants into key agricultural cities in America. These practices involved massive lynching of migrant workers from their job with barely justi fiable reasons, deportation due to lack of appropriate documents and permits, lack of work benefits all conditions are almost similar

Herbal Remedies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Herbal Remedies - Assignment ExampleSome of the factors that influence herb tea utilize in the States include ethnicity, history of family, immigrant, and herbal use among members of the family. There is a reported high use of herbal medicine among Italian Americans from recent studies on ethnicity and racial lines.There are many illnesses treated use herbal medicine. These vary from patient to patient due to varying responses to the medicine. Some of the illnesses that are treated utilize herbal medicine among the African Americans and Italian Americans include varicose veins, indigestion, obesity and weight loss among some new(prenominal) medical exam conditions. The African Americans and Italian Americans use varying herbs to treat these illnesses. However, there are commonly apply herbs among the two cultural groups such as bitter orange for treating indigestion, crotch hair for treating hypertension, and spice up and germander for obesity and other coloured related il lnesses.The medical herbs are purchased from herbs clinics and traditional doctors that treat chronic conditions among the communities. The side effects associated with the use of herbal medicine are as mentioned heart attack and fainting resulting from use of bitter orange chaparral which may lead to damage of the liver, hypertension suffered by patients with cancer as well as problems with kidney ginger may lead to an alteration in bleeding time among females while germander may damage the liver of the patients. When a patient uses herbal medicine after using allopathic medicines, there could be adverse effects on the condition, however, there are no particular complications identified by name, however, the patient medical condition may worsen resulting from a mix of reaction between the two

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A ball is dropped from affects the re-bounce of it Essay Example for Free

A b either is exp balanceped from dissembles the re-bounce of it EssayAnalysisAs the results and the graph attached overleaf shows, the stemma of best fit indicates that my prediction was correct, although delinquent to experimental break it is non exact. However, as the remainder column displaying the percentage loses shows, although the percentage losses vary they argon all around the same point. I think air resistance did guard an affect and slow the ball d protest, this meant it was unable to pick up a lot of speed, consequence it didnt remove much kinetic zilch and what it did have was lost when it was still for a split second as it squashed released more than life force in the form of heat. Therefore the percentage loss increases near the end as the drop raising increases. I think that my prediction about the percentage loss was right because the end column shows no big anomalies, which means that the ball was constantly losing the same amount of energy where ver I drop the ball. This indicates that the air resistance did not have as bid affect as I thought. Towards the end of my experiment, the graph shows a clear place where a factor influenced my results. The experience three points are roughly what away form the trend of the rest this could be because I had reached a point where net stop number concluded.I think this because they are signifi mongerly lower than the rest of the points. This leads me to believe that air resistance had an affect of the bounce apex due to terminal velocity no longer being in run into. These last results are anomalies as they do not follow the trend of the rest, and are notably away from the line of best fit. I would expect to get a result of approximately 22 when dropping from peerless metre however I actually got about 21. 5. whence, I believe Moreover, I pass judgment that if I dropped it from 100cm it would be double that of the bounce from 50cm.This was incorrect, as 12. 3 x 2 does not equa l 20. 407. I believe this was because in this case air resistance did have an affect, or the heat I expected to transfer from my hand did not, mayhap due to it me doing the experiment in the middle of winter. On the other hand, in my prediction I stated that the bounce height would increase as the drop height increases, and the dandy line defiantly shows this. In my opinion, at the end of the graph, the gradient increases causing a steeper end to the graph.This is probably because I did these heights at the end of the experiment, therefore the ball will have had term to warm up, causing the molecules inside to move around and make the outer edge of the ball harder, meaning it bounces higher. I believe that my graph does not have a very steep gradient due to that when I drop the ball higher the friction against the air coincidently increased. I decided to bunch my graph from the origin point, as that is the only point of the graph that is free of experimental error, as you cant dr op a ball from nothing and expect it to bounce, as it has no GPE.Evaluation Overall, I do not think this experiment was very authoritative, as there were so many factors that were out of my control to manage. These were such things as the air temperature, the air resistance, heat, and the pressure inside the ball. The air temperature could have affected the occupation of the molecules inside the ball, and brought into action the Kinetic theory. The kinetic theory is that of the molecules gaining more energy and exerting it on moving around, consequently colliding with each other and making the ball harder due to the increase in the pressure.This may have make the ball bounce harder as it got hotter through the experiment. Although I said pressure would be one of my controls, I did not take into account the pressure building up due to the heat transferred. Moreover, I could not control the air resistance, although this should have stayed constant, I cant be sure. If the air tempera ture increased through the experiment, maybe because of the body heat given off, it would mean that the air resistance increased. This is because the heat gives the molecules energy, so the ball would have to use more energy to push past them.This energy is then lost, and means that the ball does not have as much energy as it would if it were cooler. Furthermore, I think because we employ our eyesight to determine the height of the re-bounce, this made our results even more unreliable. Yet, on-the-other-hand, I also think my results were as reliable as could I could get them. This is due to the limited time and equipment. For instance, because we used a clamp and stand to clutch up the ruler, it made the results trustworthier than someone holding it up.Also, the only thing we varied was the height we dropped the ball, everything else was kept merely the same, for example, the ball we used, and the surface we worked on. Whats more, I followed the procedure correctly and missed not hing out. I measured the height of the re-bounce from the bottom of the ball instead of the top, as when we dropped it the bottom was inline with the top of the ruler. Moreover, because I got an average, it reduced the affect of stupid results, which meant my result are unlikely to be flawed due to me as the dropper.I do not think the way I measured the height was very accurate, as it depends on individual eyesight, and everyones level of eyesight is different. Although, they way I dropped the ball, and how we went about trying to record the closest measurement was accurate. This is because I used only my finger and thumb to hold the ball, this was to pass as little heat over as possible, and stop dropping the ball with an added force. I believe this worked, as on my graph there are no obvious anomalies, the line is not straight, but that is due to only a small routine of experimental error.If I repeated the experiment there would be lots of things that I would do differently. I w ould conduct the experiment on the floor instead of on the bench, as maybe the increase G. P. E on the bench influenced my results. Also, I would find some way of controlling the air temperature, and the air resistance, although this would have to be done outside of the lab. I think that the temperature and the air resistance did have an effect on my results as the percentage of energy lost increased as I dropped the ball from higher positions.Moreover, I would find a way to measure the level of the re-bounce that would be more dependable than using my own eyesight. This is because, as I have said, eyesight is not consistent as things such as the fresh intensity, which may affect the recording of the results, can influence it. Furthermore, I would increase my drop heights to 200cm, as I think if I carried on longer, my graph would show a definite point where terminal velocity came into action, and also that that graph would perhaps increase its gradient as the ball got hotter throu gh the experiment.This would be useful as it would mean my results could be analysed further and draw a conclusion more valid. Although, if I did do the investigation again, I would keep the squash ball in my experiments. I believe it gave reliable results subject to the terms and conditions that applied freely. Also, I would use the same unit of measurements, as they showed the results clearly and were more appropriate than other methods.I could repeat the experiment under converse conditions by for instance changing the surface, or the air temperature. I could also vary the ball I used, as this would allow me to par different bounce heights from the same drop height. This would mean I could calculate the efficiency of the balls I used. Whats more I could change how I measure the height it bounces back, or actually what I measure. I could measure the efficiency of the ball, and how the height I drop it from affects the amount of energy is lost.

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Illuminating the Illusion Essay Example for Free

Illuminating the Illusion EssayJay Chiat, and expert in the publicise field, looked at advertising several(predicate)ly than those in the advertising business today. He launched the Energizer bunny rabbit and Apple commercials. Not only that, he started a new age of advertising during the Super Bowl. Chiat was an awing advertiser however, he reached a point in 1997 where he desired to leave the merchandise industry. He no longer agreed with the ideals of the advertising world. In Chiats essay, Illusions atomic number 18 Forever, he uncovers the true ideals of the marketing industry.His essay discusses how the lies in advertising lie in the situations, values, beliefs, and cultural norms utilise to sell a put across.(212) by dint of this essay, Chiat uses strong, vivacious words to create an image of the true face of advertising. In the same manner, he includes examples and descriptions that detonate that image and grab the attention of the reader.Amidst all of this, Ch iat composes his essay in a manner that allows for a surface, insightful message to come across. Chiat is indeed bitter of advertising, however that does not affect his message. He remains colloquial throughout the course of the essay. The technique that Chiat uses throughout his compose is superb, and he does an excellent job of getting his message across.Chiat uses strong, vivid word choice throughout his essay to give his readers a precise image of the schemes used by todays advertisers. Chiats words unrelenting(213) and 24-hour-a-day drumbeat(213) allow his readers to imagine how advertisers are constantly hammering their ideas into the heads of the viewers. Words such as inebriates us(213) allow Chiat to make the point that advertisers rob Americans of their view of life, replacing it instead with an illusion.Chiat as well uses seductive(214) to give his readers a further ground of what advertisers are seeking. Chiat is using words such as seductive(214) to enlighten con sumers to the idea that advertisers twist their lies in a fashion that is seemingly pleasing to the eyes but is still made up of lies. Chiats words are critical of advertisers and how they do not truly care about their consumer. Chiat, nonetheless, does not dodge his reader to the essays purpose by getting lost in the emotional rhetoric.Chiats writing is filled with informative and detailed rhetorical modes that greatly add to the impact of his argument. Unlike many another(prenominal) writers who seem to get lost in their descriptions of a topic, Chiat includes examples, definitions and descriptions while still shining light upon the advertising seconddrop. One instance of this occurs when Chiat uses the example of the wedding ring from DeBaers, Chiat uses this example to help the readers visualize how the advertisers seek to interpenetrate the minds of their consumers.Following this example, Chiat thus defines unmediated(213) as without media(213). Chiat defines unmediated(21 3), a word that most take lightly, in an effort to give his readers a clear understanding of the strategies used by advertisers. A few paragraphs later, Chiat reward to describe internet advertising. Chiat gives a clear image to his readers on how internet advertisers drag adults in with their authoritative-looking(213) websites.Chiats placement of these examples, definitions and descriptions is excellent. He places them in positions that not only increase the flow of the writing but also pique the interests of his readers. Adding the rhetorical modes previously mentioned is very important for writers such as Chiat because there are points in writing where the pace of the writing dies down. Chiat places these modes in marvelous positions that keep up the pace of the article as it moves along.Along with descriptive words and examples, organization of ideas is also critical when writing an essay, and Chiats layout of paragraphs is very logical, and in turn deductive, in other words, the reasoning follows the thesis. Chiat opens up his essay with a bit of background on advertising in order to strengthen the thesis that follows. His thesis is clear and to the point. Because his thesis is mentioned in the outgrowth of the essay, and the reasoning behind his essay follows in each of the body paragraphs, Chiats essay follows this deductive style.Chiat then uses this combination to capture the readers attention and make them want to read more with each following paragraph. Chiat pulls the reader along not only with his strong words but also by arranging his ideas in a fashion that allows for a constant pace. In the same manner, each of the points that Chiat makes relates back to the thesis. The readers are not led up to anapparent climax only to find another rendering Chiats points are clear and flow beautifully. He includes solid transitions that allow the writing to have the see of a constant flow and not have abrupt stops in the middle of the writing where a c hange in direction occurs. Chiat has a great understanding of how to organize his thoughts, and he demonstrates that in his writing.Besides simply writing in a way that is pleasing to the eyes, Chiat also keeps a good sense of smell throughout the course of the writing. This allows him to keep his readers from turning to other writings. The tone throughout his essay is bitter, but Chiat remains conversational at the same time.The descriptions of the different advertisers are definitely negative Chiat makes it clear that he does not agree with advertisers. In the concluding paragraph of his essay, Chiat challenges us to find our own personal impartiality rather than the apparitional truth presented to us by advertisers. In a similar manner, Chiat says in his last paragraph that people should ignore the vision of life offered by advertisers. Amidst all of this negativity, Chiats writing maintains a conversational feel. Chiat involves his readers directly by asking them questions, h aving them imagine images, etc Chiat may have held a bitter tone over the course of the essay, and though in many cases writers using a bitter tone in their writing drive away their readers with their immense negativity, Chiat does not overpower his readers with his negative thoughts and descriptions. In fact, Chiats brace yet bitter tone allows his readers to better embrace his feelings.Chiat uses strong word choice and rhetorical modes, clear organization, and an inviting tone to strengthen his essay on the schemes behind advertising. These different components throughout his essay enable his readers to master a broad understanding of Chiats different poins and the lies surrounding them every day. Chiat uses his great understanding of these different devices to uphold a steady pace and a smooth flow. Chiats Illusions are Forever is a well spoken essay. It captures the interests of its readers, it is very informative, and it is a very relaxed read for a negative view of advertisi ng.

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The Fatal Mistake Essay Example for Free

The portentous Mistake EssayThis is Swetas book, she gave it to me, she replied. I neer knew you read Daniel Steel? , she glared at her. Sweta told me that this was re whollyy an emotional recital and I would distinguish it, she utter. Why did you come back early from college? , she asked. The lecturer was absent. Anyway one of my classmate is coming here today, he has around doubts in economics, she said. Which classmate? , she asked. You dont pick turn up him, charge I didnt have that he stayed in our unconnectedments till today, she said. Fine I am going to Nehas house, we wipe out to do our training together, she said picking up her books.When will you be back? , Kavita asked. In an hour, I puzzle to go for Badminton practice after(prenominal) that, she said, she had goosebumps all over her when she thought of Nakul. What is this new you throw away started, boastfulminton practice daily? , asked her sister. soul told me that I was good and should participat e in the junior tournament in the colony, so he is erect teaching me, she said. He? Who is this he? , she asked. He is the champion of our colony and he is coaching me now days, you should catch out him, he is great, Mala said. Eeks Badminton, please I hate that game, she said and got back to her books. YeahYou cant attend to anything apart from your books, Mala said and walked out of the house. An hour later Mala came back from her garters house and saw that Kavita was clearing the table. So did that son come? , Mala asked. Yes he did, he on the nose went a hardly a(prenominal) seconds back, she replied. You should devote made him wait, I would have met him too, she grumbled. He will come here daily till our exams, so you can slang him some other time, she said, going back to her room. Fine, I am going for my practice, will be back in two hours or so, Mala said and out she went. This time Nakul wasnt there, so she started to practice on her own.In another(prenominal) five m inutes, Nakul came to the court. Sorry, I am late, he said. No problem, what happened? , she asked. Actually my exams are coming, so I have to study. I am weak at a few subjects, he said. Fine, she muttered, she didnt so far know what he studied or where he studied, she made a mental note of asking it later. The game went complete even better than the previous day. After the two hours twain of them were completely dead. God I just dont feel like going home, he said. Why? , she asked. I just feel like vie with you the whole day, it is so much of fun.Once you go home, you have to start studying the horrible subjects, he said. She laughed. What are you studying? , she asked. I am doing Final year Economics hons, he said. Great even up my sister is doing that, she said. You have a sister, I didnt know that. Doesnt she play badminton? , he asked. She hates outdoor sports, she hardly comes out, she said. Oh Mala I have to leave now, I am getting late for my tuitions, he said. Yeah by e hold in you tomorrow, she said. Not tomorrow Mala, I have to take extra tuitions tomorrow, we will receive day after tomorrow, he said. Yeah fine, she said looking dejected.This time she didnt run all the way home, rather she was sooner upset. He could have taken out at least an hour for the practice. That night again she had that bad imagine, exactly this time she could see a few more things. She could see that the gleaming thing was a sharp stab. She could see that the other person was poking the knife at Kavita. And before Kavita lost her cognizance she wrote something on a piece of paper, it looked like a name alam. Mala got up feeling quite nauseated. The r of all timeie felt so real that she was literally shaking in fright. Who was Alam? And who killed Kavita?Why would anyone indispensability to kill her? She would have to ask Kavita, who Alam was. The next day, Mala confronted Kavita. Do you know any guy recalled Alam? , she asked. Alam? No I have never heard that name, wherefore are you asking that? , she asked. Have you picked up a fight with someone? , she asked. No, but why are you asking me all that? , she asked. Nothing, she got up. Maybe what I am thinking is all wrong, by chance I am going mad, she thought to herself. Mala, I have bought something for you. I was at Lajpat Nagar today and I found something that you will love, she said taking out a packet.Mala gasped in shock, it was a blue purse with Snow W fixe on it. She held on to the ravisher, nervously. She had become completely pale. Did you like it? I thought your bag has become really old, so I bought this for you, Kavita said. Thanks I love it, she managed to say. She thought over her dream once again. The murder ordnance would be in her bag or maybe she was the one who took the weapon from the bag. Would she try to kill Kavita? But why? Why would I kill my own sister? What is occurrence , she looked really scared. The next day was no out of usual. Mala was worried the whole day.She kept thinking nigh her dream again and again. When she came home in afternoon she lay tiredly on the bed. She soon dozed off. When she got up it was four in the evening. Oh, I am missing my badminton practice. oh Nakul is not coming today, she sighed in relief and again lay on the bed. She could hear Kavita in the hall. She was with her classmate, teaching him. Mala got up and freshened up, then she came out of the room to go to the kitchen. On the way she passed the hall and she stood for a while to see the guy, Kavita was teaching. Her heart took a double jump, as soon as she saw him.Nakul.. Nakul was in Kavitas class and she is teaching him. She quietly walked into the hall. Hi Mala Come meet Nakul, he is in my class and Nakul, she is my sister Mala, she said introducing them. Hi Mala, I didnt know that you were Kavitas sister, he said. Hi and I didnt know that you were Kavitas classmate, she said with a smile. Excuse me Am I missing something? Do you deal know ea ch other? , Kavita asked. Yes, I told you about the champion who coaches me for badminton, Nakul is the one, Mala said. Oh Great I didnt know that, she said.I should say that Mala is great, you should just see her playacting, Nakul said. I have heard that you are a champion, I should see you playing sometimes too, Kavita said with a smile. I have called her so many times to see my play and she never came and now she will see Nakul playing, Mala thought, as a tinge of jealously hit her. I am not a champion, you are the champion of the college, you should see your grades, he told Kavita. Oh please Nakul, check over that, she said giving him a shove. Kavi, dont be so modest dear, he smiled. Mala stared at them strangely.Even she didnt call her Kavi, who was he to call her that way and anyway the hell was she behaving like this with him? . I am tired, lets go out for a Pepsi, Nakul asked Kavita. Yeah Sure Mala would you like to join us? , she asked. She stared at them. She felt that t hey didnt want her to join, Nakul didnt even ask her. No, I am a little busy. You guys go on, she said. Fine Come Kavi, lets go, he said. He looks so happy that I am not going. We have practiced so hard, didnt he ever feel like going in for a Pepsi break with me, she was really pissed off.She walked into her room without even saying bye to them. She sat on the bed and the scene flashed through her mind again. The way both of them were looking at each other and chew outing to each other. Was there something going on in the midst of them? He looks quite impressed with Kavita and who isnt? She always impresses everyone with her sweet talking and her flirtatious attitude. But why Nakul, why couldnt she have just left Nakul for me? I loved Nakul, God Why does this happen to me always? I will have to talk to her, she thought. That night their parents were not at home, so this was the perfect time Mala could talk to Kavita.Kavita we need to talk, she said gravely. Yeah, whats up? , she s aid, looking up from her novel. From when do you know Nakul? , she asked. I told you he is my classmate, I know him from three years, she replied. Are you close to him? , she asked. What sort of question is that? He is a good friend of mine, she said. Good Friend You are having an affair with him, she screamed. Oh yeah I am having am affair with him, she said sarcastically. Please Kavita Dont make a joke of it. You have snatched away everything from me but not this time. I use allow Nakul to fall into your trap, she roared.What nonsense are you talking? What trap? And what do you know about Nakul? , she asked. I know that I love him, I truly love him. My love is not an infatuation, I have loved him for four years and now when I am about to get him, you are playing your tricks, she shouted. Mala you are completely out of your mind, Nakul can never love you, she said. Oh yes And why not? Because you love him and want him, you cant do this to me, you cant. I wont let him go away from me, she looked really flared up. Listen Mala You dont know a thing about Mala, he will never love you because., before she could complete her sentence, Mala had poked the knife she had brought in her bag into her stomach. Kavita gasped in horror. She turned and tossed in pain. She had a pen in hand and in the book she wrote mala , Its mirror reflection when Mala saw looked like alam. Kavita lay dead in a few seconds. Mala quietly cleaned all the fingerprints from the knife and kept it over the body. Then minutes later she screamed. Hearing her all the neighbours rushed to the house. Mala ran out like a mad girl and soon the police had arrived. Mala was in no condition to speak, everyone knew that she had loved her sister so much.The police registered the case as a robbery seeded player murder, the thief had come to rob the place but Kavita saw him and in order to save him he killed Kavita. All the while Mala was in the hall watching her favourite cartoon Snow White. A hebdomad late r, everything came back to normal. Mala again started to practice badminton with Nakul. That day Nakul had come with a friend of his. He introduced him to Mala. Mala, this is Yash, my boyfriend, he said. Hi Yash, Nakul why did you refer to him as your boyfriend, you could have called him your friend. Boyfriend seems so weird, she said. Nakul looked towards Yash and he smiled back.Mala you have become a good friend of mine so I wouldnt hide it from you. He is my boyfriend, I am a gay, he said frankly. Mala looked stoned. She froze to her bones. She ran all the way to her house and sat on the bed. Kavita was so right, Kavita I am so sorry, I am so sorry.. you were right.. He could never love me he could never love me, Mala cried. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of run for is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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Philosophy Divergent Currents of Humanism Essay Example for Free

Philosophy Divergent Currents of Humanism turn proscribedThe nationalities rooted in different traditions and perhaps owed something to old trunks differences Latinos and barbarians, took shape especially the divergence of stinting interests and natural conditions of Italy and Germany. Italian Humanism meant more than a break with the past, Italy was consumed in glorious extravagance and currently returned to agriculture and to the spirit of medieval life. Life essentially offered the Italian humanistic enjoyment and creation, the Christian turning away gave way to a Greek morality, in which life was an art, freed from any sense of obligation. The religious interest was non very present at least we want to talk about a religion of beauty. His high-minded was universal man fully rounded personality of a Leonardo. I tried to absorb everything and became syncretistical culture, retaining the opposing elements of Roman and Greek Christians in reconciling universal symbolism. Zeus, Jupiter, and God really meant it. This ideal was strangle to remain aristocratic, without much anchor in popular sentiment and produced a high class and universal artist who took easily to the envestida of the counter.The north, however, follow throughmed to have the old spirit was however felt the north where an impulse of the forces would decree the new era, the north broke with the church and turned to industry trade, science . Life offered the German humanist work and self-discipline, the German turned rather to the moral Roman life was a stoic discipline, a job and a vocation remained deeply religious obligations became even more ethical than supernatural. It is dedicated to bringing up and scholarship.More democratic, seeking her ideal as a member of an ordered society and not as an independent personality. Before him stood flight ahead fraternal society work, could not combine the various elements and see the universal in the multiplication of symbols multiplicity of symbols is a big difference between the imagination of the heavy(p) Italian painters and Durer, the Dutch and Flemish. Humanists Nordic passed gradual stages of faith illustrated medieval cosmopolitanism and urban.Touched by the Italian scholarship, dropped out and worked for a scholastic education reform without criticizing the church system. Modernity and tragedy of Erasmus The modern spirit sympathize more with the second group, and especially with Erasmus, representative ideals, having been shriveled by 200 years due to the reform, at long last flourished in naturalism and humanism of the eighteenth century. Erasmo was definitely the humanistic ideal both their faults as virtues. Its narrower interests resile limitations of humanistic attitude to the deeper forces of the time.Unconcerned by the wonderful art of his generation, without interest in the new military personnel that would in the eyes of men, and very hostile to the scientific interest because it shifted the sp irits of the human problems of morality. His biggest concern trend into the past, not the future, rather represented tolerance, conciliation and meditation. It was witty and urban, with a charming conservatism. Finished destroying old prejudices, demolishing the medieval order, had nothing to offer except a rather negative spiritual liberalism.

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Analysis around Freuds view of the human mind Essay Example for Free

Analysis around Freuds control of the human disposition EssayThis essay aims to discuss the key ideas behind Freuds theories, including his model of the mind, psychosexual educatement, repression and regain through and through therapeutic techniques. Sigman Freud (1856 to 1939) was an Austrian physician, with an interest in the workings of the subconscious mind. Freud spent his life exhausting to produce coherent a set of theories to explain all human behavioural, but never achieved his finishing of one grand theory, (Benson, 1999, P48).According to Freud, the mind has three levels of consciousness. The conscious equates to 1/7th of the mind, being the consciousness we have when awake. The pre-conscious, is a boundary containing memories of dreams, and causing slips of the tongue. Finally, the unconscious. Making up 6/7ths of the mind and containing intellections completely unnoticeable and unavailable to us, (Benson, 1999, P47).Freuds model divides the mind in to three parts the Id, Ego and tops(predicate) self. He believed that the first to develop was the Id, operating on the pleasure principle, in the unconscious mind. The Id is the dark, inaccessible part of our nature, (Freud, 1933 p27). It drives a baby to try on pleasure, like drink food warmth and comfort and quash the unpleasureable, like hunger, being wet and unheated The Id is selfish and not concerned with social rules, but only with self gratification, (Cardwell et al, 1997 p549). The Id is made of two components. Benson (1999, P51) describes the first, Libido, as the inborn energy we have that motivates us to survive. The second component, Freud named Thanatos, and described as the death instinct, expressed through aggression towards self and others. Cardwell et al (1997) explain that the Ids discharge of energy and excitation without regard for consequence is cognise as primary process thinking.At around two years old the human mind recognises the need to be realistic and pla n for the future, rather than surviving on primary instinct. Thus the ego develops. Operating on the reality principle, it battles the Id for control of behaviour. Unlike the Id, the Ego has a partly conscious, secondary thought process. The ego is still, however, essentially selfish, i.e. protecting the individual from harm, (Benson, 1999, p51).At around 3, we start to absorb influence from our parents and the Super Ego begins to develop. The Super Ego expands from our learned morals and the conventions of society. Super means above looking ingest and monitoring the Id-Ego Battle, (Benson, 1999, P52). Like the Ego, the Super Ego is partly conscious however it is not selfish and considers others too. As it develops it departs our social conscience and guides us towards sociably acceptable behaviour. (Cardwell et al, 1997, p549).Freud was responsible for modern societys understanding of the effects childishness experiences can have on adult personalities. He split the childhood i nto five stages of psychosexual development.During the first, the oral examination stage from 0 to 2 years, the only drive present is the Id. Focused on survival, the Id drives the baby to play by suckling. Thus the mouth becomes the main source of pleasure. Benson (1999, p52) states that through oral satisfaction the baby develops imprecate and an optimistic personality.From 2 to 3 years, the child becomes aware of its bowels and how to control them. Here begins the Anal Stage, as the focalize of gratification shifts to the anus aiding with potty training, a vital step to independence and survival, (Benson, 1999, P54). However, withholding elimination goes against the Ids nature of random discharge without regard for consequence. This results in the requirement for an ego to develop, and as such has important implications in the personality later in life, (Cardwell et al, p550, 1997).The phallic stage, from 3 to 5 years, starts when children become aware of sexual differences a nd become unique about their own genitals. Benson (1999) explains that boys will develop differently to girls from here on. Boys will develop Oedipus Complex and unconsciously experienced a sequence of sub stages. Firstly he will develop a loaded desire for his engender. Then, after noticing the strong (sexual) bond between her and his father, he will become deeply desirous of his father and hate him.The boys fear of his father uncovering these thoughts instils a fear of the ultimate punishment, castration. The boy resolves that to avoid castration by pleasing his farther, and at the same time impress his mother, he must become like his father. This is called identification. Girls, having unconsciously concluded that they have already been castrated, do not develop the same fears. Though, since their mother is the same, girls also end up identifying, i.e. adopting their mothers morality and gender roles. This was always rather vague and known as the Electra Complex (Benson, 1999 , p56).

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The Interaction Between Europeans and Native Americans Essay Example for Free

The Interaction in the midst of Europeans and Native Americans EssayThe colonization of America by Europeans resulted in the demand for a sea avenue to India, which was the source of silk and spices, products that had a high commercial value in the Old Continent. While sailing westward, Europeans intersected with the first off habitants of New World, the Native Americans. Between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, Native Americans saw their populations devastated by the loss of their reach and animals, from diseases and war. The first Native American group encountered by Christopher Columbus was enslaved. Europeans also brought with them diseases to which Native Americans had no immunity.The merger of Native Americans and Europeans during the years of settlement was also marked by the differences between their concepts of religion, gender relation, land possession, and freedom. religion and beliefs of Native Americans were based on nature. They organized religious ce remonies around hunting and farming. Spiritual power was an historic concept among this group of people. For Indians, everything was merely connected by a spiritual power such as the wind, water, animals and trees. In addition, they spendd to elaborate religious ceremonies which helped to define the leaders of the tribe.Native Americans definitely had an extremely firm spiritual belief. Contrasting to Indians, Europeans were skeptics about this intense spiritual religion. Although settlers admired the strong beliefs of Indians upon nature, they concluded that Indians had to be born-again to the true religion, the Christian. Moreover, settlers used to follow a hierarchy system with God above every unrivaled.. For settlers, religion meant to permit the life of sin to embrace the teaching of Christ. In most of the Indian communities, the gender connections were also not similar to the Europeans.The family decided how the womens lives would be by creating a premarital sexual relatio n with their husbands. separate was also acceptable. Nevertheless, the children always became a member of the m otherwises family. Moreover, Indians men could have only one wife and they could never marry their close relatives. In contrast, under the European rules of marriage, there wasnt a pre decided marriage like in Native Americans life. The power was mostly come to in the hands of the men who were also the property controllers. Women were not considered independent. Indians had a respectful vision of land.Families were allowed to use the land, which didnt mean that this family would actually own the land. They were aware that land is essential to economic benefit. On the other hand, for Europeans land was not just a place to extract natural resources, but also recompense, perhaps a symbol of the ambition of the voyage overseas. The land was divided according to the hierarchy structure emancipation seemed to be naturally a part of Indian life. Native Americans werent intere sted in vivacious their lives under a government of rules everyone was treated the same way. They had their own concept of freedom.Perhaps Native Americans concepts of freedom were based on the right of hunting, farming and making ceremonies. Unlike Indians, settlers lived under some rules established by a government. However, Europeans based their freedom according to the hierarchy system, liberty came from knowing ones kindly place and accomplishing the duties appropriate to ones rank. Their concepts of freedom meant an enjoyment of different rights and privileges available to a minority. granting immunity meant formal, specific privileges such as exemption from taxation, self-government, the right to trade, royal decree or purchase.In conclusion, the convergence between Native Americans and Europeans during the years of settlement was a unique moment in the history of compassionate being remarkable by the unawareness of cultures between two groups of people from distinguishe d unmingleds. Settlers left their continent in order to enhance their power by exploring new lands. Their destination wasnt exactly where they were tone for. However, they found a New World habituated by wild people that had uncommon customs. A new moment in humans history was getting started.

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How Sound Is Used Expressively in M Essay Example for Free

How Sound Is Used Expressively in M EssayIn the beginning of the characterization everything appears normal but within minutes you are thrown into a frantic time in Ger many a(prenominal). A serial killer of children is on the loose and a mother waits at home for her juvenile daughter. When are then shown her growing anticipation for her daughter to get home but at the resembling time shown her daughter talking to a shadowy figure who buys her a balloon. Her mother screams her name everywhere and over as the camera shows different picture shows. This is expressive because the sound of her voice shows how worried she is and the interchanging scenes show she is nowhere to be found. Then the scene of her ball rolling into the brush and her balloon tangles in the electrical wires signifies her death. Without the mothers screams the scene would not have delivered the dramatics that it did. Another instance of sound being used expressively was the go bad in the movie where the mi nister and the chief of police are discussing finding Elsies killer.They show many scenes of the police doing various investigations including combing areas for clues, interrogating people, night raids and trying to pick up scents with a dog. This scene shows how severe there investigation is and the chiefs monologue gives you the added intensity of the situation. With the chief talking about how they fancy to find the killer and the scenes of the police doing their investigation being shown, Lang manages to expressively show a wide measure investigation in a short time with aural and visual aspects. Its something that could not be done with a silent movie.The essence of the movie is then truly captured with the parallel sequence shots characterization the criminal underworlds meeting and the police meeting. M is not only a story about a serial killer but, it shows the similarities at the time of the criminals and the police due to the lack of control in postwar Germany. This co mparison is very expressively shown when Lang uses what they are saying to show how very similar they are. Everything from both the populate being filled with cigarette smoke to dialogue that is seemingly mirrored from their separate meetings, is a great

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Global market of malt barley Essay Example for Free

Global market of malted milk barleycorn Essay iodin-year international craftsmanship of barley averages around 15 million metric long ton and fluctuates from 12 to 16 million metric tons. This is about 9 -12% of total global production. Major exporters are EU, Australia, Ukraine, Canada and UK. US is incomplete a major exporter nor a major present momenter. Its export and imports are more or less same. US export mainly the feed barley and imports malt barley. The annual trade of feed barley comprises more than 75% of total barley trade while that of malt barley accounts for less than 25%. china and US being leaders in beer production account for over 60% of malt barley trade. China alone imports 50% while US about 11%. Leading barley conditional relation and Export Countries (Averages for 1998-2000) Country Imports (Mt x 1,000) Country Exports (Mt x 1,000) Saudi Arabia 4447 France 6758 Japan 2531 Germany 4040 China 2160 Australia 3973 Belgium-Luxembourg 1459 Canada 2196 Russian partnership 1005 United Kingdom 1898 Germany 941 Belgium-Luxembourg 1223 Brazil 880 United States 985 Netherlands 823 Denmark 960 Morocco 794 Ukraine 841.Italy 790 Turkey 659 United States 778 Sweden 606 Table 4 Global trade of barley in 1998-2000 (faostat) Sourcing barley for Beer Production Malting companies in US processes about 3 million ton of malt barley annually of which about 1. 0 million ton is imported barley and the be (about 2 million ton) is produced in US itself. in that respectfore, a beer company in US should keep some(prenominal) the options of sourcing from within the country from states like North Dakota, Montana and Idaho etcetera and of importing open for sourcing barley.When it comes to import Canada should be the obvious choice due to geographic proximity. The next obvious choice has to be EU. As farther as sourcing from domestic market is concerned the company tidy sum have a direct slenderize with major barley growers to save cost and ensu re a reliable supply. In case of import from Canada the concerned agency is Canadian Wheat Board. Concerning Outsourcing of the product, a beer company should focus on Malting, Brewing, and Fermentation etc. instead of imports and domestic purchasing of commodities.Therefore, it is always better to outsource the product to a few equitable commodity trading companies. The commodity should be outsourced not to one company rather to more than one company to have a bargaining power over pricing and also to ensure a uninterrupted supply of barley in case of any unforeseen crisis to keep the brewery running. There can be another outsourcing approach for a new start up Beer Company. With malting being an established process. There are dozens of malting companies in US and hundreds on the globe and malt being a hackneyed product being traded in the market globally.Therefore, for a start up Beer Company it will be a good idea to focus on brewing and fermentation, rather than going for sett ing up the malting facility. If the company specializes on producing better and special quality beer it can command better price for its beer and that telephone circuit model should be more profitable than starting fro malting. Some important malt barley and malt suppliers in US are 1.North Dakota Barley Council 2. Americas Malt, PO thump 5724 Minneapolis, MN 55440-5724 Tel 1-952-742-5646 Fax 1-952-742-5050 cyberspace www. Cargill. com.Products Barley Malt 3. Busch Agricultural Resources, Incorporated P. O. Box 427 West Fargo, ND 58078 Tel 1-701-282-5752 Fax 1-701-282-6260 Products Malting Barley 4. Cargill, Inc. P. O. Box 9300 Minneapolis, MN 55440-9300 Tel 1-952-736-8664 Fax 1-952-742-6252 meshing www. Cargill. com Products Feed Barley, Malting Barley 5. Cenex Harvest States P. O. Box 64089 St. Paul, MN 55164-0089 Tel 1-651-306-6156 Fax 1-651-306-6570 Internet www. harveststates. com Products Feed Barley, Malting Barley 6. Columbia Grain 111 S. W. Columbia St, Suite 1200 Port land, OR 97201Tel 1-503-224-8624 Fax 1-503-241-0296 Products Feed Barley, Malting Barley 7. ConAgra Grain Companies 400 4th Street, Suite 850 PO Box 15083 Minneapolis, MN 55415 Tel 1-612-341-2326 Fax 1-612-341-2137 Products Feed Barley, Malting Barley 8. ConAgra Malt P. O. Box 1529 Vancouver, WA 98668-1529 Tel 1-360-699-9389 Fax 1-360-696-8354 Products Barley Malt 9. Coors Brewing Company 17755 West 32 Av. Brewing Materials BC 610 Golden, Colorado 80401 USA Tel1-208-678-3586 Fax 1-208-678-9669 Products Malting Barley, Barley Malt 10. General Mills Operations, Inc.

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Business game Essay Example for Free

Business bet EssayReflection on Personal execution in Business Strategy Game Business placement games involving sharement act before positive the decision to be do. Lesson l realize repulsen from the note game, from the process and the center from the case (industry and space frame of the business). centering Process Planning was the first process taken. Reading and understanding the relevant information was prerequisite and playfulnesss a signifi bumt role in planning process.Expectation was established in the planning, and followed stepping process until exclusively aspects stimulate been nail downd, including e really(prenominal) distinctiveness in production (capacity, model, etc. ), transportation (shipping), job, etc. Planning is critical, and it was indicated in the business dodge games, in which it required quite m whatever cartridge clip to achieve an agreement. Time was in any case a doer should be flip overed, and it drove the countersign o n the planning to obtain the agreement.Organizing was overly needed in the game to obtain optimal process. One idea was listened and it organized the discussion and the orderion of the process toward certain system. Other opinion was taking in to consideration, whether support or as devil advocacy to the schema. The process besides fudged by organizing the go of discussion to center on the outline with already determined to be focused on. One person plays role as organizer at one time became a source person or fol pooh-pooh in the a nonher(prenominal) time.This approach of organizing made the come a yearn of the discussion in the one focal point that describes the strategy taken which leads to the decision. When a fraction contend the role as organizer, then the member did directing the process and content according to the chosen strategy, and in any case screw happened that the strategy plunder be changed according to the expected firmness and considering assum ption of strategy of the competitors. around times in the process, one or more(prenominal) member corporation suck in their drive red ink down. In this situation other member did motivated the group to keep up the winning spirit. controlling was also involved in the process, by focus on one issue and sacrifices in other thing, line up with the strategy. These four processes of instruction were implemented in the process of gaining the final decision and in find turn out the content to be made (such as production/manufacturing, shipping, labor, price, etc. ), in which the final decision was made by consensus. The experience in the game casts the learning point in practicing of implementing focus process, planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.Within a given time, conclave should be adapted to do planning (including crafting the strategy, and establish the goal), organizing the process (including agreed on the road map of the process, listening and expressin g opinion, and adjusting to the characteristics of the group), directing (including do and accept direction, motivating others, cave in or bulge decision), and controlling (to be aligned with strategy). Management Functions Strategy plays a critical role in the process, and let to make the political party affirm differentiation that creates competitive edge compargon with the competitors.Decisions ar determined align with the chosen strategy. Strategy such as increasing market share and or increasing price to obtain more profit, and or have a low cost production by miserable the manufacturing to the low cost location, and or lowering the labor cost, and or increasing the attribute of the product, etc. , were became the issues discussed during the process. whatsoever decision made in the process should be linked to the strategy and eventu for each one(prenominal)y to the expected result (goal). Marketing management initiatives plays important role in the process.Attention w as hurl in the advertising or promotion program. The decision on the initiatives was made in relation with other initiatives, and initiative should be congruence to be able to r apiece expected impact. Operations management was also applied, in order to have efficient and low cost production, to be able to lower the price, or put emphasizing in better quality of product and at that placefore adjust the price to a higher matter. Having different locations of manufacturing was also part of consideration in operation management, including the days needed for shipping, and inventory level. financial management was critical. At the end of the day, the winner of the strategy, whether the plan was achieved of not, was determined by facts and figures which was analyzed and interpreted in terms of financial. The situation or condition of the play along was considering of profitable, safe or potentially bankrupt, and whether the strategy was effective or not was determined from numbers including financial ratios. Production plan and realization, exchange rate, labor cost, product sold or unsold, inventory level, price, etc.were contributed to the financial condition, and give be analyzed further for determining next strategy (for next run). charitable Resource was also had major role in the decision process. Number of labor involved, salary and incentives, were several reckons considered in human resource function. During the discussion it was also considered incentive factors as the factor that can boost the motivation of the employees, in which can increase the productivity and eventually proportionally can lower the cost.Experience in the business games told that the management functions leave behind be more effective if it was take into consideration in integrated way. The strategy made was comprise of many functions of management, make watering in group ups Team work was a factor that can smooth the progress of the practice toward a productive way. At one time one member took the role as attraction, and expressed the idea or opinion which regarded as reference that was supported or argued by other members. The leader than guide or direct the process toward obtaining acceptable or best solution.Other member played role as follower, try to understand point of view of the leader, and gave opinion to enrich the information for having the decision. In one process it can happened that the role of leader was switch from one member to another member, and lead the discussion toward the decision. Working in team up in the business games demonstrated by listening to other opinions or ideas and, gave contribution to the group by doing analysis and expressing constructive argument and idea or opinion to the group.In the process of making group decision, group tried to obtain consensus, with all group members support the decision. Experience and Lesson Taken to Working Place In leading social unit in the works place, it is important to ha ve get ahead goals for the unit, which are determined in the process of bring to passance planning that usually take place at the commencement ceremony of the year. The goals comprises of organization (unit) butt, and individual objective which should be clear and measurable (refer to SMART Goals principle) and cascaded from top to bottom, means that the goals are aligned from executive or manager position to staff position.Having a clear goals or expectations forget make all employees at heart the unit know exactly what are expected to be achieved and will make the monitoring of performance become more effective, and eventually it will make the evaluation of the exploit more effective. Leader should be able to define the goals, which reflected what the unit wants to be, particularly for the keepive(prenominal) year. For the unit, strategy than headstrong to define what is the best way to achieve the goals or answering how to wash up there.Leader should be able to determin e the strategy, which should consider of having different way of doing rather than just following the same thing. Strategy should have put into consideration opportunities and obstacles that can potentially will be faced along the year. For the unit performance, flow of work, service level agreement, number of employee, training and development program that will have impact to the quality of work, compensation practice, etc. should be considered in order to have effective strategy.Every people in the organization have potential, and leader should put effort to unleash the potential of the individual and support them to perform in their work. Many initiatives of improvement or programs come from the people in the unit that can give positive impact to the unit. Motivation is needed to keep the work spirit not fall to the lower level. Leader should do coaching to ensure people in the unit understand and on track, make sure that people hightail it to the same direction with same strate gy. Every function of management can be implemented to achieve optimum result.Managing the operation implemented to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of work. Human resource management will help in ensuring what unit do are align with the business. Financial management can be implement whether in business or support function, for instance to prevention Return on Investment of certain initiatives. As member of management team, we should contribute in a positive way by giving opinion and ideas, or doing what has been decided productively. Discussion should be conducted in conducive way, listen what other people say and express opinion to reach to the decision.When decision has been made, member should follow and committed to perform the decision in effectively. Success of the unit is also determined by the competency, performance, and contribution of the members. To have an optimum result, member should be able to look the purpose as unit purpose not individual purpose. This princi ple can create synergy between members in the team and can contribute more to the performance of the team. The business strategy games provide inspiration that can be applied in the working situation.Having competitors that can affect the result of one group convey the center that in establishing standard, one unit should not look into inside factors, but should also consider exterior factors. The capability of the unit can be watch overn differently and will lead to different goals and strategy. Strategy can be different if the outer condition is supportive and indicates opportunity and will be different if the external conditions are not accommodating. Macro and micro analysis can be conducted to have a more comprehensive analysis for obtaining effective and right decision.Read more http//www. ukessays. com/essays/business/reflection-on-personal-performance-in-business-strategy-game-business-essay. phpixzz2leirR8KT BUSINESS SIMULATION GAMES exclusive REFLECTION PAPER On 10 No vember 2010 afternoon, Our Can group get a chance to get the materials business simulation games, the first time we were a little humiliated and not understand what the content and intent or purpose of this program. Until then we get the opportunity to play an active role play in the game by forming a company in our Group Can. Listen Read phoneticallyDictionary View tiny vocabulary I am a member of cans group discussion 3, in this business game, we manage the company named CHAMP. We chose the name CHAMP for our company becouse we hopes that companies will become a leader or a winner in this Business Simulation Game. Growth of our company in this game very interesting and gave many valuable lessons. Our company was gradeed second on the game in first year, after making changes in the manufacturing and market strategy we became the first winner in the game in the second year.In the third year we make changes in the shipping, manufacturing also marketing strategy again to mainta in its position as champion, but in the fact that our ranking dropped to be number 3. In the fourth year we wanted to get back into champions. We did totally change the strategy in all sections and mainly to increase product awareness, we contracted with many famous artists paid a high price for promotion. But the results we slumped to the lowest ranking ( 6th). This surprised us and made us confused to find out where our biggest mistakes in managing the company. Listen Read phoneticallyDictionary View detailed dictionary noun camp compound Did not want to continue to decline, in the fifth year we try to bodacious back to learn the success stories in the first and second year, besides that we also study the companys strategy of competitors, then we create a new strategy and the results we were able to ride into fourth place. In the sixth year we try to make small changes to strategy in several sections and the results we rose again to number three. In the seventh year we do not m ake changes to our strategy and stay at rank 3. After doing business game above, there are many valuable lessons that I get.Those lessons were virtually Management Process (Planning, Organizing, Directing, authoritative) In managing a company as a manager or owner of a business we moldiness have a. Planing ? Both long planning and short term, this really helps us to determine the strategy or action we should do in the near future or the preparation for long-term corporate strategy. b. Organization ? Complete, clear and transparent as one of the supporters because of the companys people are assets of a company, the placement of people with appropriate knowledge and skills that will facilitate the acceleration of the process as muscular as the operations of a company.It also must be supported by a clear Job Description and detail-enter the respective functions of the organization. c. Directing ? In the governance of a company also must be supported by rules or standard operating systems or procedures are clear and dumb by all line employees. we often call with company regulations, standard operating procedures etc. d. Controlling ? As a manager or owner in a company we still have to implement controls on employee performance, corporategovernance, corporate operating costs and market conditions that support the smooth and that we manage the companys growth periodically. We can also be done with checking Monthly Report / Balance Sheet , stand up on monthly meetings, etc. Listen Read phonetically Dictionary View detailed dictionary adjective inside deep indoor internal interior profound inland intrinsic cavernous thoughtful three-dimensional adverb deeply sound preposition in within on to inside under in the course of prefix endo- 2. About Management Function (Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, etc.) Strategy ? Corporate strategy should be set appropriately by considering several factors, including supporters of human capital, fina nce, market share and also that there are competitors in the same type of business with our company. In the governance of a business may take a few strategies such as for launching a new product postulate any(prenominal) backup strategy, it is necessary whenever the initial strategy does not show results in maximum then we still have some alternative backup strategy, so it does not require a long time to take any action appropriate in market penetration. Marketing ?According to my opinion, the success rate of a company also backed with the full functionality of the marketing is true both in the company engaged in the services or products etc. Capable marketing, product master, around the vivacious market and marketing must knowing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Listen Operations ? Operational support from both system and service level aggrement factor in a process of corporate governance is very important. It also needs to be supported with the latest technology. L isten Read phonetically Dictionary View detailed dictionaryverb hold conduct make organize provide establish arrange carry out throw take set up call launch institute stage put on bring about impose carry on incur exercise levy open put up effect float lay on negotiate afford touch off sour stage-manage generate phrase bring into being Finance ? A company can be give tongue to in good condition when to generate maximum profit. As a manager or the owners of a company we should be able to manage our capital versus operating costs required, the greater the profit earned by production costs that are not too large will show the healthy of a business.However, we also must consider the placement of funds and financial governance of our company, whether already in accordance with the budgeting or is not appropriate. In terms of business expansion or major factor that should we consider is the condition of our corporate finance, whether supportive or not, when lack of support but the pote ntial or opportunities that we have a large, one financial source of our business is on loan from the chamfer with a source of return and specific timeframe. Human Resources ? In addition to the above factors one important thing to note isthat inadequate human resources that are reliable and have the skills to suit the needs of the company. A adequate leader should be able to determine the amount of labor requirements and can put the right people-enter the respective divisions within an organization. 3. About Working In Teams To work as a reliable teamwork are some things we have to consider include Get familiar with either all members of the team, it is useful to the division of tasks and towards closure enigmas that arise. We must be willing to hear opinions of all members of the team in making changes in strategy or action for operasinal company.Explore more information and opinion that reliable and resonable with the case or problem that we should solving as a good team work, eq. Browsing some data from internet or from any sourches. Putting the right people on the job or responsibilities in accordance with the characteristics of our team members are. Based on the experiences and lessons I got from the business game I have done, I plan to contain some advantages in my workplace. As the leader of my unit A leader should have strong leadership and enough skills to manage the organization and the company.Planning, directing (also mentoring or choaching program) and controlling periodicly to all of my sub ordinate. Delegate some responsibilities to the deputy business with a fixed control function properly . Sharing knowledge to all sub-ordinate, sub-branch manager and exploring new knowledge, new technology and strategy for the success of Bank Mega Cluster Balikpapan Special remove employee from another Bank (Manager or Marketing) to help me manage the company and make the vision 1000 of Bank Mega become reality (become the leader bank in Balikpapan E ast Kalimantan Indonesia) As a member of my management team Being more creative, proactive and always have new ideas to supporting the management team More details in channelizeing business opportunities and increase market share. Establishing a reliable team work with 2-way communication is effective and still shelter the opinions of other members of management team Read more http//www. ukessays. com/essays/business/business-simulation-games-individual-reflection-paper-business-essay. phpixzz2lej5YvdS REFLECTION PAPER THE BUSINESS STRATEGY GAME About Management ProcessesFrom the Business Strategy Game, I learned that first important process for a company to determine its future business road was to set a strategical and realistic planning about what is the company goal, how long the goal will be achieved and how to achieve the goal among the competition. In setting the plan, company should define first what is their mission asseveration or strategic vision. This mission state ment is a statement which indicates the purposes and activities of the companys business/goals in brief, clear and focus words.Along with mission statement, company must clearly define its objectives quantitatively within certain period. From these quantitative objectives, company could set a realistic and attainable long term strategic planning to allocate budget and resources in the company. In strategic planning, company should define clearly its target market, financial objective and competitive position among the industry. This strategic planning will be the direction of the company in running its business.After setting the strategic planning, company should design an organization structure to manage the company effectively, by designating persons who will in charge in each roles and held responsibility in each area of the business in the company (marketing, finance, operation, sales and so on), curiously the person who will be responsible as the leader of the company (as CEO) . The role of CEO is very intrinsic because he/she must lead company to the right direction in implementing company strategy to achieve companys objectives.From the clear and effective organization structure, CEO and management will have clear legitimation and government agency in directing all resources in the company to implement the companys strategy. Finally, the company should well-nigh and intensively controlling and monitoring the performance of the strategy during implementation to assess its progress against the pre-defined targets and ensure that all the company elements were doing their parts and responsibility in the right track. About Management FunctionsIn a company, management should establish the right and important functions which will run the company operational activities, define what are the responsibilities of each functions and ensure that each functions performed in accordance with the company objectives. In order to give more value to the company in terms of profitability, management should work together to set a strategy in making companys output (product or services) more competitive in the market by considering all aspects involved.As an example, to gain more profitability company could set pricing strategy to be higher or lower compare to market but before decided the price, company should consider other aspects such as costs, quality and resources needed in creation of the product or services. About Working in Teams In working as a team member in the company, it is very important to determine a clear designation about who will act as the leader and the follower. Because if theres no clear designation, potentially will cause the resources in the company to move to the wrong direction and this will destruct company effort in achieving its objectives.As a leader, a person should show the ability to manage and to coach the entire team member to do their tasks properly, and he/she should has willingness to listen and appreciation to his/her followers insights at the same time. And as a follower, one should give respect to the leader and obey the leader decisions. But it is important too for the company to define what is the follower naming and designation, because if it is not clearly defined, the follower couldnt perform nor contributed optimally in attaining companys objective process.What I plan to do in my work place from the experience and lessons I took from the BSG are As the leader of my unit I will put more effort to be an effective and efficient leader of my unit and will put more awareness to all my team member that our jobs especially in designing the most efficient operational work flow in my company has essential impact in saving the company budget and optimizing company resources which will contributed in achieving the companys objective especially in financial aspect and giving more value to the customer and shareholder.And moreover I will spend more time and effort to evaluate designation and job definition for each member of my team, to put the right person to the right job and responsibility. If the designation and job comment were not fit or not clear to the team member, it will impact to the performance of the working unit itself because each team member do not know exactly what is their role in their working unit. As a member of my management team I will put more consideration and attention about financial impact of any decision that my management made.From the BSG, I see that all activities in each working unit must be contributed and affected to the company strategic planning especially in achieving financial goals. And I will put more respect to any member and any decision of my management team made, even though sometimes the decision seems to be hard to be implement, I will try to see it from wider perspective that the decision must be made deliberately and considered many important aspects which ending is to give more value for the company.