Saturday, April 20, 2019

Current article related to international aviation management Course

Current related to international airmanship management Course - Article ExampleEasyJet reports having difficulty selling used aircraft, specifically its A319 narrowbodies but as a result of low offerings, was forced to take the used aircraft off the market (Wall, 2012). The problem is attributed to funding according to an official attached to the aviation industry. It has become increasingly difficult to obtain finacing for used aircraft that is more(prenominal) than a few years old (Wall, 2012).The high cost of fuel has also contributed to the neediness of participation in used aircraft. This is particularly true with respect to high-fuel-burn aircraft even in cases where the used aircraft is virtually new. It is thus hardly surprising that Boeing 737-600s previously used by Malex Hungarian Airlines are currently being phased stunned as opposed to being leased or sold. The financial struggles of leasing companies are also contributing to the lack of interest in used aircraft. F or example, International Lease Finance Corp. has experienced insolvency problems with some of the leased aircraft. In addition, leasing companies are facing competition from the higher rate of production of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Thus in the final analysis, the demands created by overbookings are easier to satisfy by new aircraft than by used aircraft.Wall, R. Aircraft Makes, Lessors Split on Market Outlook. tune Week & Space Technology. March 5, 2012. http// (Retrieved April 21,

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