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The treaty of guadalupe Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The treaty of guadalupe - Research Paper ExampleTherefore, this decision guide to the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe in the late 1840s (Menchaca 215). Since Mexico lost its boundaries, it subsequently lost the current states of Arizona, California, Utah, fresh Mexico, and carbon monoxide including Wyoming. As a result, the country felt the need of finding a solution to compensate the integral loss. A conflict was thus held among commissioners from the two rival countries with the purpose of coming up with well-nigh bright ideas that would be used in coming up with the final solution (Acuna 123). History reveals that, Nicholas Trist (chief clerk of the bring up Department) and another American representative to prexy Polk (General Winfield) set off to examine their Mexican counterpart-General Jose Joaquin. The first meeting bore no fruits and not even a tiny resolution was brought to book (Schultz 422). The delegates to the meeting headstrong to arrange for a second one, as their zeal to bring about peace was undoubtedly strong. When the condemnation came, the delegates met a second time, and their talks were in vain lastly coming up without a solution. blow to come with a long lasting solution meant no peace in the territories ground forces had acquired from the rival. Thus, USA sent Nicholas Trist for a third time, on the third meeting he purposely went out to meet other leaders from the fallen government of Mexico. These were, Don Bernado Couto, Don Miguel de Atristain, and don Luis Gonzaga Cuevas. They were all government officials of a government, which in a way had fallen (Porterfield 5). In the treaty, fresh boundaries were set between the two countries, Mexico succeeded to reach its bid on a number of territories namely, Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuejiijij o Mexico though not cited in entire treaty. Following the years of 1836, more and precisely straight boundaries were set in an attempt to negate tho war eruptions. The entrap consisted of Rio Grande at the northwest part with a successive stretch further north to border Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico. Through the Gila River, to the west, the border took a straight dimension to the port of San Diego (Porterfield 17). This gave a more geographic outlook on the positions of various locations like the Lower California. Mexico realized that it was almost losing some important territories that had steered the occurrence of the war. By the time this realization came, the country had already lost quite a considerable piece of it land to remain on the current area of approximately 1,972,550km?. as a result, United States succeeded in the seizure of Nevada, California, and Utah with its boundaries cutting further to western parts of New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. At the long run, USA had claimed an additional land of 1.36 million km? naming it the Mexican cession. In accordance to Adams-Onis treaty relating to the boundary, Mexico recovered only 45% of the regions fought for. Mexicans agreed in the treaty that Rio Grande would be the Texas border (Menchaca 219). Nicholas Trist and Winfield Scott of the U.S.A conducted the negotiations and drafting of the treaty with the Mexicans since further war would ultimately bear no fruits. This happened in defiance of Presidents Polk orders to fight further in an attempt to claim more territories. Trist presented the treaty to the House of Senate in his country U.S.A for complements (Acuna 248). The

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