Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Herbal Remedies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Herbal Remedies - Assignment ExampleSome of the factors that influence herb tea utilize in the States include ethnicity, history of family, immigrant, and herbal use among members of the family. There is a reported high use of herbal medicine among Italian Americans from recent studies on ethnicity and racial lines.There are many illnesses treated use herbal medicine. These vary from patient to patient due to varying responses to the medicine. Some of the illnesses that are treated utilize herbal medicine among the African Americans and Italian Americans include varicose veins, indigestion, obesity and weight loss among some new(prenominal) medical exam conditions. The African Americans and Italian Americans use varying herbs to treat these illnesses. However, there are commonly apply herbs among the two cultural groups such as bitter orange for treating indigestion, crotch hair for treating hypertension, and spice up and germander for obesity and other coloured related il lnesses.The medical herbs are purchased from herbs clinics and traditional doctors that treat chronic conditions among the communities. The side effects associated with the use of herbal medicine are as mentioned heart attack and fainting resulting from use of bitter orange chaparral which may lead to damage of the liver, hypertension suffered by patients with cancer as well as problems with kidney ginger may lead to an alteration in bleeding time among females while germander may damage the liver of the patients. When a patient uses herbal medicine after using allopathic medicines, there could be adverse effects on the condition, however, there are no particular complications identified by name, however, the patient medical condition may worsen resulting from a mix of reaction between the two

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