Thursday, April 18, 2019

Allegory of Nature by Marten Van Heemskerck, 1567 Case Study

Allegory of Nature by Marten Van Heemskerck, 1567 - Case Study ExampleThe ikon is predominantly oil on panel, and it is after characterized by social diversity in terms of social representation that the painting makes. The first localize goes to the front left part of the ardeucerk, followed by the entire painting in relation to noticing the scenes that Heemskerck presented in the painting. The painting presents a calm scene, characterized by human activity as the painting depicts. There is a emergence of people in the painting, posing in an action-packed manner. In other words, their manner depicts that they are a occur of activities going on with the environment in which the painting is set. Use of color in the painting is decisive to account for. The color used to point out to two racial or ethnic differences that tooshie actually be identified from the painting. Use of light and dark color shows that there are two types of people presented in the painting. Light color diffe rentiates the lighter skin people from the darker skinned people, whose color appearance is darkened in the painting. As earlier mentioned, the environment within which the painting is set is calm, though characterized by some human activity.Comparing the two types of people that Heemskerck presents in the painting, the dark- swarthy people appear more same they are serving the light slanting people. In other words, there is an aspect of servant-hood from the dark colored people towards the light-skinned people in the painting. The front middle of the painting presents a captivating scenario. The darker colored people are enjoying a ride by a woman who is glued to a reverberate admiring herself. On the same position of the painting, a dark-skinned man maneuvers the boat carrying light-skinned people who search to be having a good time based on the way they are holding their food for thought and drinks (Stokstad, 2005). The scenario on the painting also accounts for a certain k ind of social relations between the darker skinned people and their fellow counterparts, and also between them and the lighter skinned people. The painting has an invariant scenery color. Plants in the painting are generally green, depicting health and a favorable environment to thrive in.

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