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Creative Marketing and Critical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

notional Marketing and Critical Thinking - Essay ExampleCombination of all these elements will give the outstrip results in marketing processes. Wireless advertising offers potential to target markets creativity stimulates creating new ideas and ideologies broadband technologies award marketing experts to talk large amounts of data and make this process even faster and simpler. Due to inventive thinking wireless advertising gives the opportunity to implement online newsletters, virtual storefronts, interactive brochures, and web(Frame 2003).Marketing process is sometimes called as getting stuck. People need fresh and effective marketing ideas in fiat to heighten new products and services. But very often persons mind is failing back to old ideas. People ar tired of them, because they want and need new marketing approach that will be exciting and in furiousness(p) of surprise, vividness and life. (Nunley 2004) And marketing expert resort to the help of critical thinking and c reativity in order to give nation what they want and really need(Smith 2004).For example, if to ask people to determine the main driving force of advertising, they will most likely tell that it is creativity. Creativity is very key, but it is one of the deuce-ace legs upon which triple-crown marketing is standing. The four legs atomic number 18If to ask the same peo... Creativity is very important, but it is one of the three legs upon which successful marketing is standing. The four legs areMessageMediumCreativity(Hercky 2005)If to ask the same people to demarcate creativity, they will most likely tell that it is something of which they themselves would not have thought. It is a matter of occurrence that creativity and fanciful thinking are the vital components of marketing strategy and planning. They help expert to enlarge new approaches to attract new customers and to retain the power on the old ones. Marketing has to be creative in its thinking and deliver whether in cre ating unique promotional plan, finding technical solution to active problem, designing new web site or devising a differentiating channel distribution model. Hercky (2005) admitted that every marketing expert can be creative if the environment is right and favorable. Marketing has to build on such environment where marketing creativity and creative thinking will flourish, manage that creativity, and still deliver on budget and on time. Creative thinking helps marketing experts to understand how different people work, how to have creative fun during working process and how to make everybody perform at their creative peak. It is important to deliver a real boom to the organization or company(Hercky 2005).There is a question are creativity and creative thinking innate talents reserved only for selected ones or they can be versed like, for example, riding a monocycle or juggling But before answering this question it is required to define creativity in marketing and advertising. Creat ivity in marketing differs significantly from creativity in arts. Hercky (2005) defines creativity in marketing as the melding

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