Thursday, October 17, 2019

Technical Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Technical Writing - Essay Example A fire lane is where you should not park. This definition is very poor and inadequate in educating people about safety and driving rules. This is because it can make the intended audience to define all places or spaces where parking is not allowed as a fire lane. This is wrong considering the fact that there are many other places in which parking is not allowed yet they do not qualify to be called fire lane for example pedestrian paths. The definition should indicate where fire lanes are located and their functions. A fire lane refers to a marked lane in a parking space or parking lot that is closer to a structure or building whose function is to allow access of safety equipment to the structure/building or escape route in case of emergency. A crime is a violation of the law. The degree of accuracy of this definition is low and insufficient in explaining what a crime is. This is because not all violations of the law can be regarded as crimes. An example is a breach of contract. This applies to individuals involved and it only qualifies to be called an offence or a wrong. An act can only qualify to be called a crime if it is a wrong against the public. This means it has to be within the parameters of the natural laws of the land. A crime can therefore be defined as a breach of laws or rules for which some authority can prescribe a conviction. Sterilization is the process of sterilizing. This definition is such a poor one and it is very inefficient in explaining what sterilizing means. It is just like saying, â€Å"John is John†, â€Å"a car is a car† instead of explaining who John is, or what a car is. Therefore, the second part of the definition should explain what sterilization actually entails. In this case, it is more scholarly to say that sterilization refers to the removal or killing of all disease-causing organisms from a surface. Activity 11.3 The intended audiences for the explanation of the term consumer are students who are undertaking b usiness studies and the purpose of the definition is to help them understand the position of a consumer in a chain of production and their role in an economy. The term consumer refers to any household or individual that utilizes the goods and/or services produced within an economy. The audience for which the definition of the term depreciation is intended for are senior high school students undertaking business studies and the definition will help them to understand why some assets that have been used are normally sold at a price lower than its initial buying price. By definition, depreciation refers to the decline in the fair value of an asset. The explanation of the term management is intended for students undertaking studies on business administration and this definition will enable them visualize their roles and functions as future managers of various organizations. According to Gomez-Mejia (2008), management refers to the organization and coordination of people and activities o f an organization in accordance to certain policies in order to achieve the organization’s desired goals and objectives. The explanation of the term software is intended for is high school students who are undertaking computer studies and the definition will enable them to understand what enables a computer to perform its various functions and applications. By definition, software refers to a group of computer programs (sequence of instructions) and

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