Thursday, October 17, 2019

Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees Essay - 2

Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees - Essay Example Several financial crisis will be delineated while considering factors that lead to the crisis and show the possible impacts on employee. In this case, the research problem will be outlined as follows; in the recent past, there has been heated debate on the effects of financial crisis on the progress of employees, with some scholars arguing that the progress of employees is not affected by the financial crisis while others argues that the financial crisis has a negative impact on the progress. Therefore, there is a need for research to be conducted so as to establish the impacts of progress of employees. In this section, the need for the study will be justified as follows; many financial crisis has occurred having the same impacts on the progress of employees. Therefore, this study will be significant to the policy makers in designing ways to mitigate the impacts also outline areas of further research. In this section, both theoretical literature and empirical literature will be reviewed. Theoretical literature will consider theories of crises like the Marx’s crisis theory, Minky’s theory and other theories. In the empirical literature, we will discuss the various researches done by various scholars. In addition, we will give an overview of the literature showing the gap between the existing literatures. In the study, the null hypothesis will be that financial crisis has an impact on the progress of employees. While the alternative hypothesis; financial impact does not have any impact on the progress of employees. In order to evaluate the progress of employee’s, surveys on both managers and employees will be conducted so as to get information on the impact of financial crisis on employees. In addition, extensive study will be conducted in order to unearth the possible reasons for the impacts. Under this section, the results collected will be analyzed and the

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