Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Comparison of Acceptance of Homosexuality in South Africa and the Essay

The Comparison of Acceptance of Homosexuality in South Africa and the United States - Essay Example In South Africa, homosexuality is yet to gain positive approval from the majority although the new constitution supports it. Homosexuals in South Africa used a number of factors to gain approval from the government. These include hijack of the revolution, guilt manipulation and intimidation, and intolerance in the name of equality. Keywords: Homosexuality, Sexual Orientation, South Africa, United States, Acceptance, Civil Rights, Equality, Inequality, Constitution Introduction The origins of homosexuality are believed to date back to the biblical times when the people of Sodom and Gomorrah are said to have been destroyed by God. Despite this, the practice found its way in societies that followed. Over centuries different theories have been developed by sexologists, doctors, writers, religious leaders, and philosophers to explain homosexuality. Historical theories of homosexuality were based on fear and misunderstanding rather than scientific evidence. Homosexuality has existed in the world for millions of years and has generally always been condemned. The religious people view homosexuality as a sin, while psychiatrists view it as a disease that needs to be studied and diagnosed. According to Cantor, D., Cantor, E., Black, and Barrett â€Å"over the course of the past two thousand years of western civilization, homosexuality has been punished, by torture and death until the nineteenth century, and then by legal restrictions and discrimination into the present† (2006, p.24). However, despite having an astounding history of repulsion and rejection, homosexuality has been embraced by some cultures in the world such as ancient China, Japan, and Greece. In ancient Greece for example, homosexual relationships between males were viewed as valuable because â€Å"love between males was honored as a guarantee of military efficiency and civic freedom† (Cantor, D., Cantor, E., Black, & Barrett 2006, p.24). Consistent rejection of homosexuality in Europe incre ased with the rise of Christianity. During the time homosexuality and heresy became the worst sins man could ever commit. Homosexuality continues to be an issue of discussion in many of the nations around the world. As many of them keep on rejecting its incorporation in the society, the fact remains that homosexuality persists among the people, especially now that most of the cultures are been washed away due to the mixture of the society arising from immigration stimulating societies’ change in behavior. Again, people are characterized by different levels of leisure and satisfaction which poses agendas on moral factors, but also individuals’ rights and freedom of choice and expression.

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