Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Corporate Social Responsibility - Assignment Example Some of the products from the company include switches and routers, network security software Intel Protocol (IP) equipment as well as storage networking, optical transport devices. Nonetheless, the company runs a Research and Development Centre in Ontario and some of the customers of Cisco Systems include all businesses, providers of telecommunication services, schools, and government agencies (Cisco Systems Canada Co, 2015) . In addition, Cisco Systems Canada is a subsidiary company of Cisco Systems that is headquartered in California (Cisco, 2015). Cisco has a unique approach to CSR where the focus is to use expertise, partnerships, and technology in creating a positive impact worldwide. The company believes that social and environmental responsibility benefits people, the planet and very crucial in ensuring sustainability in business. Brazil lists among the countries that are successfully emerging from the global recession implying that the countrys economy is growing, and this explains the declining unemployment rates (Cisco, 2015). However, the country still records high crime rates owing to lack of education where teenagers choose to join youth gangs as the only way to survive. In most residents in Brazil, young people are missing out on their dreams to become better people in the future because they lack knowledge and skills (BBC NEWS, 2015). To address the situation, relevant stakeholders need to increase the resident’s access education by improving the learning sector. On the contrary, Brazil continues to attract foreign investment with multinational companies focusing on how to benefit from the growing market. In this case, company’s Cisco operates in the country but has been able to engage in corporate social responsibility projects to improve accessibility to learning in the country (Cisco, 2015). In Brazil, SOS Children Villages was initiated to shelter children who were at personal and social risks as well as empowering

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