Friday, May 10, 2019

Literature Review Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Literature Review - Research Paper ExampleIn her name, Bardot lists the provision of salary ranges, allowances, incentives and KPIs as ways of improving employee satisfaction. This eventually leads to Emiratisation. Apart from the listed ways, another method includes motion management. Here, UAE nationals can be subjected to different and easier KPIs and objectives. This, however, she does not confer with as she believes that appraisal of performances should be based on same standards as opposed to ones nationality. The latter option proves to have racial prejudice. In addition, organizations with UAE employees, since they are younger in age compared to other nationalities, should set up similar performance targets that with lower hurdles. This ensures that their performance is recognized at an early stage. Organizations should also prepare referral schemes so that employees refer equal and qualified people to work in the organization. Retention and recognition schemes must also be considered in an organization or company. Bardot also considers the major argufys of Emiratisation especially in the private sector. Bhattacharya Suryatapa is another author of an article New Emiratisation scheme targets 15% of private jobs in The National Blog. Here, the author also confers with the perceptions of Bardot concerning the UAE employees position in organizations. ... This division will be based on certain criteria, among them timely salary payment, organizations compliance with labor laws and approach to the diverse labor force. This policy replaced the one that had been in place since 2005 where different sectors of an organization had different percentage expectation of Emirati employees. It brings about many advantages in an organization including upgrade in classification scale of the organization. Any organization that fails to heed this policy would be fined between DH 15000- DH 20000. Emiratisation The way forrard? is an article by Williams Jane which look s at the challenges facing AUE citizens in different nations. This is in contrast to the fact that closely of AUE citizens are given financial assistance from the oil funds. However, global recession has seen unemployment rates rise at fourteen percent. This has seen the introduction of Emiratisation to cater for Emiratis welfare, a move that is faced by various challenges. The first challenge is the fact that many Emiratis are young and have high expectations which seems unrealistic. Another problem is that it becomes difficult for organizations to commotion generous salary packages to Emiratis in an attempt to support Emiratisation. For instance, a graduate Emiratis fresh from university may command a starting salary of $5,450 per month with rapid promotion. The UAE government is now investing in self reliance as opposed to the previous system that gave out handouts and subsidies. The government has also provided funds, AED444 million, for training and overstep up the salarie s of UAE citizens in non governmental organizations. Family name and network were the criteria observed when promoting Emiratis before. Today promotion and salary growth totally

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