Thursday, May 9, 2019

Advances in Wireless Network Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Advances in Wire little engagement - Essay ExamplePeople have now mobile with most of the functions that were never thought when radio chat technologies emerged. The basic functions of voice and text dialogues be considered as the basic functions that early mobiles phones had, but the most modern mobile phones (also known as smart phones) are equipped with Wifi communication, Bluetooth communication, near sketch communication (NFC) and data communication systems along with basic systems. 1. 802.11n Wireless connections are always determined by the radio mode the communication system is utilizing. The mode of radio signal described by the 802.11n accession point rears support for 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11n receptors. The receiving set signal can be sent to a number of users at the same time. The 802.11n is capable of supporting and operating at two polar frequencies to support to different clients with different operating frequencies. An Access Point of 5GHz is design ed 5GHz and an Access Pint of 2.4 GHz is designed to provide communication to the clients, whom are operating at 2.4GHz (, 2009). The channel band width of the 802.11n is 40MHz. The technology is assumed to be oft compatible with the device, as the functions promised by the marketing will remain incomplete without the use of 802.11n (Wewetzer, C. et al., 2012). As, the HyperSlim PX has to provide with all possible wireless types of communication, the 802.11n will be the best suited communication. From the engineering perspective the communication type requires software to run that can be corrupt by the influence of other types of wireless communications software installed in the HyperSlim PX. The most important perspective is to couple the existing software with approximately auto backup system to avoid loss of important data in case of twain software malfunction. The HyperSlim PX should be made in metallic body to provide a send packing for the heat generated during the operation of the 802.11n. As, the access point of 802.11n utilized in the HyperSlim PX will convert close to amount of energy into heat, the HyperSlim PX will consume much amount of energy to provide abundant power for the communication system to work in a proper manner. There are less or no problems regarding the security of the data while utilizing the 802.11n. The maximum transmission rate remains as high as 270 Mbps, which is fairly a higher speed for the communication modal. On the other go past the enhancement in the range of the device will keep the user connected while in motion in a building or a factory building. Protection The Specification that are utilized in the set protocols 802.11n ensures that the communication modal do not report interference to some(prenominal) of the device nearby and do not allow the interference of the any(prenominal) other communication to sprain the communication of through the 802.11n. It protection strategy also ensures that it i s interfere or accept the interference of any other access points or any legacy stations. On the other hand, users have the right to contort on and off the security feature that are defiantly installed in the 802.11n communication modal. By considering these synthetic rubber and protection features, the 802.11n is much feasible in the HuperSlim-PX. The performance of the device remains the same in the both the condition, with the full fledged protection and with no protection. The protection strategies of the device have low impact on the device capability of the high speed connection and transmission. 2. Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth is a communication type

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