Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Biblical Character in the Life of Barnabas Essay -- Religion, The Book

As we first meet Joses, in the book of Acts, we learn much closely his person. Joses, who we are told was sur constructd Barnabas by the Apostles, must have spent a commodious amount of time with them, considering he had received a surname from them. Certainly, in time in the free for all social climates that we have in party today, one would not deliberately call someone Fred when his given name was Lawrence unless their be bang-up affection among these acquaintances. Most likely, because Barnabas was a Levite, he may have had previous interactions with the other apostles and through these interactions they were able to view paragons development of his character. This was not insignificant in itself because the granting of a nickname was often seen as a sign of respect. Strongs harmoniousness tells us the Barnabas means exhorter. Joses was nicknamed Barnabas, which means Son of Exhortation, evidently because of his character and might to encourage those who were down mal led. Barnabas the Levite, having no portion of inheritance in the Promised Land showed great character in that he voluntarily sold land that he had acquired on the Island of Cyprus, which is in a region of the Mediterranean Sea. Wherefore Levi hath no part nor inheritance with his brethren the LORD is his inheritance, according as the LORD thy matinee idol promised him. (Deut. 109) The believers were unified not only spiritually (one in heart and mind) but also materially. Their selling of their goods was voluntary and the distribution was according to need. Barnabas may have been a man of considerable financial means, as he did own land. Biblical character is apparent in him as he makes the arduous journey to Cyprus, completes the task of selling the land, and trav... ...le having divested much time having poured break their souls for the workings of spiritual things. What man, having disdain and hatred for another brother would be concerned for his physical well-being? Alas, any Christian would be separate disposed to believe that this beloved brother, Barnabas, exhibited great biblical character by maintaining his charity towards his brother Paul. Though we stir our colleagues, we do not change our principal president. Later, In Galatians 2 we see Barnabas and Paul once again reunited and laboring together in the battlefield, which is the fight for souls. They, having set aside their differences and having influenced some(prenominal) lives while winning multitudes of lost souls to Christ, carry on their unspoken biblical character. Yes, biblical character must be unspoken that it suffer not to be tainted and be truly revealed as pride.

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