Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Alzheimers Disease Essay -- Alzheimers Disease Essays

Alzheimers Disease is a condition that affects 50% of the macrocosm over the age of eighty five, which equals four million Americans each year. It is fitting an important and high-profile issue in todays society for everyone. There are fast advancements being do in the fight against this ailment now more(prenominal) than ever, and the purpose of this essay is to educate the public on the background as well as the unused discoveries. There are galore(postnominal) new drugs that are being tested and studied every day which easy down, and may even halt the progress of the disease. In explaining this debilitating disease, it seems there are certain major areas that need to be addressed much(prenominal) as the history of the disease, the symptoms and diagnosis, as well as the emotional and bodily cost to the affected role and to the family. The definition of the illness seems to be unclear for numerous because the disease is so unpredictable. Until recently a precise definit ion of the disease was unavailable due to the difficulty in diagnosis. It is fairly complex, and despite many new breakthroughs it still remains impossible to diagnose a patient with certainty. A great deal of this is because the only exact diagnosis made is after a post-mortem brain examination. Alzheimers Disease is the most overdiagnosed and misdiagnosed mental ail in older adults because it is often decided only by belief out all other possibilities such as dementias caused by medications, strokes, clinical depression and other neurological disorders. However with new research in detective work and prevention, a clear explication is now attainable for the public. Alzheimers Disease is defined as A dementing disorder marked by certain brain changes, disregardless of the age of onset, that leads to the loss... ...eases-and-Disorders/Nervous-System-Diseases/ Central-Nervous-System-Diseases/Brain-Diseases/Alzheimers Disease.html 11. http//moe.csa.com/alzintro.html SourcesTextA dvances In Alzheimers Research Spring 2004, Vol.1, Number 1Hager, Mary and Peyser, Marc, Battling Alzheimers, Newsweek, work 24, 2004, p.66Websites1. http//www.kcc.com.msu.edu/CAI/Pathology/Degen_F/Degen_2a.html employment visited March 28, 20092. gopher//gopher.nimh.hih.gov/00/documents/nimh/other/alzhDate visited March 25, 20093. http//www.cais.com/adear/nianews11.htmlDate visited March 28, 20094. tornado.einet.net8000/galaxy/medicine/Diseases-and-Disorders/Nervous-System-Diseases/Central-Nervous-System-Diseases/Brain-Diseases/AlzheimersDisease.htmlDate visited March 28. 20095. http//moe.csa.com/alzintro.htmlDate visited April 30, 2009

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