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TCO A - A ____ is a label the DBA gives to a particular proposition proposition network configuration, usually a specific computer, at a specific TCP/IP address -network stool TCO A - As the wellspring DBA, you come been tasked to identify the peter that will allow you to pee-pee and run queries, add rows, vary data, and write reports using SQL. The tool that will allow these tasks is the _____ tool. SQL* improver TCO A - The DBA must configure the ____ to find out for requests and path them on to the appropriate database server process for act in the database. listener TCO A - The DBA must maintain multiple sets of database structures, much(prenominal) as tables, indexes, drillr-defined attributes, and procedures called schemas TCO C - The Oracle Universal Installer defines the ORACLE_HOME directory in the Unix surround variables, or in ____. Windows Registry entries TCO C - The ____ engine allows you to store, parse, and punish coffee berry app lets, servlets, and stored procedures within the database. JVM TCO C - If you are running opening give way Manager, SQL*Plus, Forms, or nonOracle products, Oracle ____ is the gateway into the database. Net Services TCO C - A procedure created the user named SSTEVENS poundged in as outline is in which schema? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
SYSTEM TCO C - A ____ register cabinet is an administrative file containing up-to-date information on the database structure, log files, and checkpoints. It is a censorious file for opening the database. visualize TCO C - You are logged on to the database and have to run a query. Which parts of the database instance are c! onf utilize? All of the supra TCO C - When choosing the DBA authentication method, you can choose in the thick of ____ and password file authentication. operating system TCO C - A(n) ____ database is used to receipts Internet applications. OLTP TCO C - To implement user-managed redo log files, you should use the ____ clause in the CREATE DATABASE command itself. LOGFILES TCO C - at that place are well over ____ initialization...If you regard to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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