Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Business Research Methods Qualitative Research

Question: Discuss about the Business Research Methods for Qualitative Research. Answer: Introduction: As the research is about the level of motivation in the University of Sharjah, hence the students will be the best people who would be able to throw light on the motivational factors in the university. As the number of students will be more, hence a quantitative research design should be best suited for the research (Maxwell, 2012). Primary data is mandatory for the research work and should be collected from the students who are studying in the university. Apart from the student the teachers can also tell about the motivational factors in the university. Again the primary data and quantitative research will be needed. The data cannot be collected from elsewhere. The teachers and the students will be the respondents for the research. They will be contacted over the mail. The teachers will be asked to give face-to-face interview and the feedback of the students will be taken over the mail. Hundred students and twenty teachers will be interviewed. The researcher should take into account random probability sampling to complete the work (Mitchell Jolley, 2012). To get the feedback of the respondents, the survey will be carried out with the help of the questionnaires. The questionnaires will have close-ended questions that will help the researcher in carrying out the quantitative research. The questions will be in simple language and should be related to the conditions and situations of the university at present. The sequence of warm-ups, screeners, transitions, complicated questions, classifications and conclusion should be followed in the questionnaire (Pickard, 2012). The respondents should be asked about their experience in the university. Eventually, the questions will be mainly based on the types of de-motivational factors if any, the things or people that de-motivate or motivate them, the way they combat de-motivation and embrace motivation. It will finally end by asking suggestions from the participants. The reliability and the validity of the research will be medium as it is not possible to take into consideration all the people present in the university (Maxwell, 2012). The research mainly takes into consideration the faculties and the students, whereas other employees may a different perspective on motivation in the university. References Maxwell, J. A. (2012).Qualitative research design: An interactive approach: An interactive approach. Sage. Mitchell, M. L., Jolley, J. M. (2012).Research design explained. Cengage Learning. Pickard, A. (2012).Research methods in information. Facet publishing.

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