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Schools Need Dress Codes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Schools Need Dress Codes - Essay Example Then why cannot one opt the issue of uniforms in schools. In most of the countries it have been identified that there is no need of uniforms. Students are attending college in casual dress such as Canada. This is unethical, for instance if we are working in a particular organization each individual is asked to do formal dressing. This sense of equal dressing should be created in children’s from the very beginning, starting from schools, were each child is same in the eye of teacher. But one must consider the other perspective also, i.e. the children’s, what they feel when they see the other child in a good dress as compared to themselves. This may create a sense of demotivation in children’s as well as parents. For instance, a child with good financial background will wear luxuries clothes as compared to the child with low income group. This will create a gap in child’s mind and the former will force parents to get good clothes. This will affect income and expenditure pattern of the family. Therefore to control this situation it is imperative to have dress codes in schools to promote equality among children’s (Ann Svensen, 2000). Training Uniforms are required to train the students for future. In some of the jobs, mostly Asian countries employees are required to wear a uniform. If a child is not made to wear uniform in school, then he will not be able to wear that even later in life, because we human being perform in a way and principles learned in schools. Educational institution is the place which makes a child disciplined. Students can be trained by for future if they are required to wear uniforms. Most of the jobs specification requires servile attitude in people and a student wearing a uniform throughout his academic life is accustomed of having a servile attitude, which will help the child in future. In contrast, children are who are made to wear casual dresses in schools lack this form of attitude which is a main drawba ck. So, it can be said that uniforms in schools can lead to future success of children’s (Alleyene Sylvan, 2009). Equity This focuses on the fact that there exists a problem of rich and poor children’s due to the lack of uniforms in school. This factor is very important in a child’s life. If it is avoided, may ruin the entire life of children. This statement verifies the utmost importance of uniforms in schools. The equity arguments are mainly made by state schools who are more concerned for the future development of children’s. Presently, many private schools in Asia are focusing on this equity theory. School uniforms make students look alike and reduce the differences among them. Children’s mainly judge themselves from their physical appearances i.e. their clothes (David L Brunsma, 2004). Conflict Lack of uniforms may lead to conflict. As discussed earlier children’s judge themselves on the basis of their clothing, if they feel something i s less, more demands are made to the parents. In most cases, parent can’t afford to make their children wear luxuries clothes. This creates a sense of demotivation in a child. One gets frustrated. In result, there exist conflicts among children’s studying in same classes. It creates a sense of hatred among them. This can lead to increase in fights and democracy in an educational institution. It will not only harm children’s but as well as the school itself. Therefore, in order to solve these conflicts wearing uniforms should be

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