Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Last Day at School Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Last Day at School - Essay Example The researcher states that it is impossible to believe that he needs to leave the high school where he met so many wonderful people and friends. The researcher knows he has become close with my fellow students and this bond is not easy to forget. It is really difficult to assume what life would have been without these happy high school years. These days the author was sometimes joyful and sometimes nervous and also there were days of sorrow. All these emotions took a ride through his years in high school. And the day when the author had to bid goodbye to his friends, tears rolled out of his eyes. The researcher never realized that he loves his school so much. It has given him valuable experience and knowledge and number of friends that he can never forget. It was a memorable day when the author was busy compiling his graduation book with his friends and fellow students. All of them with a mixed feeling of sorrow and anxiety in their mind spend the last days of school in unity. The re searcher remembers the times when he was busy compiling the graduation book, the one with all the memories, fun photos and writing jotted down in it. The graduation book is a treasure for the author when he looks into the book he finds his friends face glaring at him which give him utter happiness. The day when the author was compiling it, he requested his best friend to put his picture on the front page and he stuck a photo in which both of them were holding hands in a sportive manner. He wrote words which displayed his feeling and love for the author. The researcher could not look into his eyes as he could see the tears ready to fall out of his eyes.

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