Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Issues Surrounding Alternative Sources of Fuel Essay

Issues Surrounding Alternative Sources of Fuel - Essay Example These sources have ultimately been proven and needed to sustain life and uphold the objective of providing a cleaner and healthier environment as a legacy to the next generations to come. â€Å"Fueling the World: What Are the Alternatives for Energy?† In addition, from the perspective of the stakeholders, the essay would explore the benefits and challenges of switching to an alternative fuel source and determine ethical and environmental issues concerning alternative fuels. The author of â€Å"Fueling the World† emphasized the implications of continued over-reliance to traditional fuel sources. An introduction to the discourse was presented by utilizing the most innovative invention of all times, the car. With all its functionality and aesthetic value, the fact remains that vehicles consume a vast amount of fuel. Elliot (2004) averred that â€Å"about 70 percent of our oil consumption is used for transportation†. The United States is identified as the biggest consumer of oil from among all the countries in the world. With this issue at hand, the author stipulated the problematic state of conventional energy sources, to wit: coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power. The source and potentials for coal remain vast but the risks to humans and to the environment are tremendous. Oil, on the other hand, is running out and the world is currently besieged by price increases due to its depleting reserves. Natural gas was found to be the most environmentally sound but is difficult to mine and to ship. Nuclear power had already achieved such notoriety despite its potentials. Having determined the state of traditional energy sources, alternative fuel sources were highlighted: hydropower, solar energy, fuel cells, and by simply engaging in energy conservation. Potentials for alternative energy sources abound.  One relevant solution to environmentally ethical dilemma such as addressing alternative sources of energy is to call the attention of government officials to reduce government subsidy that encourages growth in high-risk natural resources areas. There are numerous conservation, recreation, and civic organizations that call on local government officials to the unit with their efforts and be the representative to establish a unified and coordinated government leadership for natural resource.  Ã‚  

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