Sunday, August 18, 2019

Advertising in Scholls Essay -- Economics

Imagine walking around the hallways of Cherokee High School and seeing big corporate logos hanging everywhere. Though, some may not find this to be an ideal situation to having corporate sponsors or partners, but the opportunities that accompany these small sacrifices are vast. Although, there are some negative effects about having corporate sponsors, such as unsuitable product influence, there are countless ways that having a corporate sponsor or partner can improve the well-being of the school and provide more chances for local businesses to show their support, help students advance in their studies and helping schools with their budget problems. Local businesses such as Ragazzi’s, Sal’s and Champp’s, could help fortify the student body and the community as a whole, while also gaining publicity at the same time. All of these restaurants could help the school by sponsoring their sports teams, school events and catering club parties, fundraisers or sports banquets. By sponsoring and catering these events, the business would not only be helping out the school by catering them fo...

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