Friday, August 23, 2019

Academic Skills (Economics) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Academic Skills (Economics) - Essay Example It is up to me to keep up with the growing information and use it in my learning situation. I am therefore obligated to acquire the standard transferable skills for any academic study. I am not only required to be literate, numerate and to have computer competency, but also acquire and exhibit capabilities, attitudes and qualities necessary for me to fit in the modern world. Being an international student, taking business economics, I am aware of some personal strength that will enable me to enhance my academic skills. One such strength is my potential and willingness to learn. I strongly believe that, that is where it all begins. No human being knows everything and as such, the more willing one is to learn, the faster they can absorb new ideas and concepts. I am a young learner with a growing cognitive capacity and my past academic achievement motivate me to learn more. I am also very decisive. Over the years I have developed strong decision – making skills that have enabled me to use my time effectively – not waste it. I can quickly define a problem, outline alternatives and figure out a solution. This skill enables me to make choices in my day to day activities and also important ones e.g. in shaping my course and in future my career. I am also good at information finding. I have learnt the art of research in the libraries, in data bases and even through other people by networking. This important for my academic skills because information is the basis of most of the studies that I will take. Information is dynamic and it multiplies with time. In my coursework, I will be required to be up to date with information and use it effectively to enhance my work. I am a team - worker. I work very well with others in a group. I participate actively, contribute to research work; attend meeting and give feedback. This will enable me to take on the academic skills group tasks smoothly. Self - teaching is another one of my strengths. I do not always rely on tutors to teach me. I find it more fulfilling to engage myself in activities that 'teach me through discovery. It makes learning much more interesting. This way, I can acquire skills that will last throughout my coursework and even later in life. Another skill I like to practice is innovation. I like doing things differently, to incorporate my self - identity in my work. It allows me to develop creativity and originality. It is the one reason why I prefer to engage my mind rather to copy someone's work e.g. in doing as assignment. It is definitely one of my strengths. Though some people may not look at it this way, meeting deadlines is a strength. I am very organized and as a result, I always make deadlines. Lectures will not have to chase me up to hand in my work. Know how and use of information communication technology is also proving very useful. The world today is very dynamic and technology has become a necessity. The fact that I am well versed with ICT will make acquiring and sing the necessary academic skill very easy. Self - discipline is a major boost in my life including academics. I make a plan of study based on the modules and I stick to it. I organize assignments and coursework in a time schedule to ensure that they are done on time and handed in by the deadline. I am disciplined to the extent that I do not miss any lectures or seminars. I do not take any oft hem for granted. I also have great interpersonal skills. I can relate with anyone. At the university, there is a large number of people of diverse culture. Some of them can even help me acquire different skills. I will also be acquired to work in a group sometimes and also interact with lectures. All this will put my interpersonal skill to good use. I have a positive mind- set. Nothing is too

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