Friday, July 26, 2019

Security Strengths and Weaknesses of the Internet Essay

Security Strengths and Weaknesses of the Internet - Essay Example â€Å"A basic knowledge of internet security is essential for anyone who uses the web for tasks such as email, networking and shopping† (Paul). Internet security has become one of the main concerns for every individual connected to the internet for any purpose. It is because there are a number of hackers present on the internet continuously trying to break into other computers in order to steal important data or to destroy the important data. Hacking has become so common in today’s world that almost every person who uses internet is a target of hackers. â€Å"Hacking is the process in which a system is tested before it goes into the market for direct use by the customers† (Douglas). Any individual, whether using internet for communication purposes or for information sharing, needs to ensure premium level internet security because hackers not only try to break into such computers which contain highly critical information but also they try to gain control of such c omputers which although do not contain any important information but can be used to hack other computers. There are many security measures, which an individual can take to reduce the chances of internet attacks. â€Å"Internet security fundamentals are designed to protect individual Internet users from security risks which accompany use of the Internet† (Smith). Some of the easiest and most effective security measures include regularly changing the login passwords, setting difficult passwords, downloading a personal firewall.

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