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Pastry chef jacques torres Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pastry chef jacques torres - Research Paper ExampleChef Jacques Torres). He spent eight categorys under the guidance of cut chef Jacques Maximin at Hotel Negresco. He utilize to attend the classes during his off time. After completing the classes, he was also trained at Cannes Culinary School. While he was working in the hotel, he had participated in various prestigious food events. He received various repays and awards such as he achieved gold medal from Japanese Pastry Chef intimacy as well as at French Championship of Desserts (Torres, Jacques Early Years). 2.0 Beginning and Earliest Jobs In France, Jacques Torres had worked in a bakery take a shit named La Frangiapane as a trainer. After completing his training for 2 years as a pastry trainer, he shifted his job in Hotel Negresco which was rigid at Nice, France. He worked there for 8 years. Subsequently, for a few years he had worked to earn his degree as Master Pastry Chef. In the year 1980, Jacques Torres was encouraged by the prestigious Ritz-Carlton and motivated himself towards the US, first to Palm Spring followed by Atlanta. After that period he then moved to work as Pastry Chef in the kitchen of Le Cirque restaurant in New York. This was a reputed French restaurant (Culinary Schools. Org. World-Class Pastry Chef Chocolatier Jacques Torres). He received honor of the Confederation of Japan. He then joined Ritz-Carlton hotels to work as corporate pastry chef. He also trained other chefs across the US. He used to conduct occasional classes of FCI during the year 1993 when he was working in Le Cirque. He taught classes twice a month and managed entire curriculum for improvement (Sailhac, A., French Culinary Institutes Salute to Healthy Cooking). In 1989, he was inveigled to Le Cirque. His regular job in Le Cirque was to serve celebrities, royals, clients and friends along with those who love his creations. Success had come early for Jacques Torres due to his talent, dedication, and willpower to co me up with something new, something else, always, always. It was always an assurance to offer sweet surprises from him. He offered champagne truffles, forbid of chocolate, covered chocolates, items for weddings and events, and also Jacques Torres chocolates (Torres, Great Chefs Jacques Torres). 3.0 Current Business Jacques Torres was French chocolatier he has become a well known chocolate entrepreneur later on his extensive efforts in his work with restaurant industry. At present, the entrepreneur produces confections from chocolate crunch puffs to Champagne truffles. Nowadays, he makes both chocolate delicacies and produced chocolate from cocoa beans. He has created and sold his own line handcrafted chocolate as well as various others high-end confectionary products to his four factories and retail locations in New York along with retail enterprisingness in Atlantic City at Harrahs Casino (The Sun Winefest 12, About Jacques Torres). He became owner of his own chocolate shops in the year 2000 by opening a modernized warehouse with a cobble stone street in DUMBO section of Brooklyn. Jacques Torres opened his second location featuring a state-of-the-art chocolate manufacturing plant. In this place, the customers can observe the process of transformation of cocoa bean to chocolate

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