Sunday, June 9, 2019

How effective managers might integrate biblical notions of service Essay

How effective managers might integrate biblical notions of emolument into managerial work - Essay ExampleThere are reasons as to why business is carried on and in any case why management is important and how managers should approach business management in the biblical notion of service and be effective and efficient. According to Cyril and Cross (415), there are several salient basic influences or assumptions that are related to the business discipline. The managers should understand that god is compassionate, just, and loving (Matthew 51-729). They should also recognize that God is the creator of everything and that all quite a little and materials all the ability to create, discovering, and using information, and all the capability of creating wealth. The managers moldiness also consider the fact that people receive gifts from God in various ways, and people are gifted with different skills. Due to the sinful nature of people, the managers must understand that people are gree dy, prideful, and selfish, and that they have similar set of basic needs for justice, grace, and love provided by God and the other people. This implies that the people may as well be motivated in different ways in their actions to satisfy the needs. Again, people are familiar with two fundamental purposes, that is, the short-term image and the long-term view (Nell 17-18).In the short-term view, there is no other purpose for people other than procreation, selfish pursuit of their self-interest, and survival. For the long-term view, the people are creations in the image of God, meant to love, please, and serve both God and the other people. The managers should understand that people have the desire of living and working in relationships of other people (West 81). Because of the natural state of God and the work He did, and due to the nature of people and their actions, the Christian business managers take part in the redemptive natural action of God by encouraging and

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