Thursday, June 20, 2019

Chapter Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Chapter - Coursework ExampleTherefore, based on this rule it is clear evidence that pappa was guilty of doing an illegal thing to Alison and Meredith (Friedland, Bergman, & Taslitz, 2015).Student 2 As a defence Attorney, my arguments against allegations made by Alison to my client, Daddy, do not hold substantial ground for accusation. Alison does not have any prove to show that Daddy was guilty. Daddy was silent because he did not want to create an embarrassing scene in the presence of the visitors by arguing with his son, Alison.Student 3 As a judge my ruling on this case is that under Rule 104.The accused has the burden of proving innocent. If he/she remains silent, it is an indication that one is guilty. The burden consists of the following elements videlicet the accused must(prenominal) hear the statement and understand it. The statement must be within the partys personal knowledge. Finally, the accused party must deny the allegations if they are not true. In this case, Daddy was guilty because he violated all the above burden of induction (Friedland, Bergman, & Taslitz, 2015).The facts as presented are that capital of Minnesota is a prosecution witness in a robbery charge against his friend John whom together with George and Ringo, typically played a game of stove poker together. It is during one of the poker game sessions that Paul teased John on a rumor that was circulated that he had engaged in a bank robbery incident. Paul requests for a share of the loot, but John is mute about it. The prosecutor seeks to rely on Johns silence as proof of guilt. The accused is cross-examined by both counsels (Friedland, Bergman, & Taslitz, 2015).Student 1 As the defense attorney, the other foundational I would seek to establish are whether in teasing for each one other while playing the soccer games do the guys put more emphasis on the truth of every allegation? If the answer is to the negative is on that point normally an intention to spoil one anothers reput ation as a friend? What is the reputation of John in the

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