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Joesph Plum Martin Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier

Revolutionary soldier During Joseph Martin journey in the revolution contend he found himself not agreeing with many of the things the separate soldiers were apply to doing. The other soldiers were used to always assumeting what they inadequacyed, when they wanted it. In order to do this, whenever they pauperizationed manything, such as food they would just barge into nearby homes and demand for what they wanted. Most home owners knew that if they didnt do what the soldiers asked, that things would go precise bad quickly. Meaning a large amount of the home owners would just be kindly and give the soldiers what they wanted just to keep the peace.Also some of the home owners enjoyed getting a visit from the soldiers because it make them fell wanted and thankfully to help support a fellow soldier. Martin didnt have the same fool as many of the soldiers did on this certain activity. Well he was involved with doing that activity he would whole step guilty and wanted to apologi ze to the family because he didnt think they deserved such a thing. He didnt enjoy doing it because he believed it was rude and that they were abusing their power of authority. Before he went to war he conditivirtuosod right from wrong and would never imagine doing such a thing to innocent citizens in the area.The whole reason that he would participate in this activity was because Soldiers during the war had been doing it prior to when he entered the war and he didnt want to deal with all the others soldiers by telling them his real opinion on it. Also he needed the items the other soldiers were asking for as well but just wanted thither to be another way for them to get it. Even though he didnt agree with many of the things he had to do while he was gone at war, going into other peoples home uninvited was the thing he disagreed with the most. Even thought he was there for many days, they were a few days that he remembered kind of well.One day he remembered was when he was just r elaxing at the cabin he was staying at with some fellow soldiers, when two lovely women come over to talk to them. They had a great conversion with the ladies, and the ladies end up inviting them over to their place to visit more. Soon after arriving at the ladies place, the ladies expressed to the soldiers that their closest neighbors werent very respectful to them. when the mother observed that it had been quite cross and crying all Martin, I have been threatening, verbalise she, to give her to the Yankees. Take care, utter the wagoner, how you speak of the Yankees, I have one of them here with me. La said the woman, is he a Yankee? I thought he was a PennsylvanianI I wearyt see any difference between him and other people. The men didnt like that because they believed that all women should be treated with respect. As the soldiers they were, they decided to all march over to the ladies neighbors and demand for food in a violent way. At first when the soldiers arrived the man who opened the door wanted to put up a fight and not let the soldiers demand for items they needed just because for who they were.Soon after the man effected he wasnt going to win the fight he let the soldiers come inside his house and told his married woman to make some bread. Everything turned out fine, the soldiers got what they wanted and the neighbors didnt get hurt. Although Martin wished they would of aproshed the situation differently and more safely. In most situation Martin at least understand why the soldiers would go to ransoms people house, it was because they had something they needed. But one day was different and Martin really didnt agree with the other soldiers. but when we came to their stables, then look out for the women comprise what horse you would, it was one or the others pony and they had no other to ride to church and when we had got possession of a horse we were sure to have half a dozen or more women pressing upon us, until by some means or other, if po ssible, they would slip the bridle from the horses head, and then we might widget him again if we could On this day they soldiers decided to go into the local village in order to get some items they needed.Well at least that is what Martin thought. After they got there the soldiers were crazy and were victorious everything they could even if they didnt need it in the first place. Like the good man he was, Martin turned out only taking the necessary items he personal needed. By doing that it left the village a mess and all the villagers panicked and upset. Also making Martin very unpleased with his fellow soldiers. Even though Martin didnt agree with making innocent citizens in the area give them what they wanted or else.Or messing up a village for items they needed along with surplus items. Martin decided early on during this war experience that he was just going to go with the fly the coop of what everyone else was doing. That way he doesnt had to end up telling the soldiers hi s opinion and deal with any conflict there may be with it. He was afraid of the superiors reaction to what he thought and he didnt want to be punished for his thoughts.Even though his biggest trouble during the war was taking items from innocent citizens, there were many other circumstances that troubled him as well such as the conditions that he had to work under where horrifying and they contributed to many people getting sick. I had the small pox favorably as did the rest, generally we incapacitated none but it was more by good luck, or rather a kind capital of Rhode Island interfering, than by my good conduct that I escaped with life. They marched and marched and they would push their bodies to the limit.They fought under tough conditions and through the pass without a reliable way to get warm. Joseph Really did not like this at all he wanted to be warm and be able to stay healthy. Throughout this book Martin had many views on the revolutionary war. Most of them were negativ e such as he didnt like taking supplies from the villages. The conditions of the war were really rough and he ended up getting small pox from that. He or so lost his life from the small pox.His view before he entered the war and his view after were on the whole different. The war changed him and his view on the whole thing. 1 . Martin, Joesph P. A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier. ground forces First Signet Classics Printing, 2001. Print. Ch4 2 . Martin, Joesph P. A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier. USA First Signet Classics Printing, 2001. Print. Ch4 3 . Martin, Joesph P. A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier. USA First Signet Classics Printing, 2001. Print. Ch 3

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