Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Elements of Homers Odyssey in the Coen Brothers Oh Brother Where Art

The Coen Brothers Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, loosely based on Homers classic adventure The Odyssey, is a film amusingly make full with themes of symbolism similar to those found in Homers epic, while still maintaining a sense of originality and style that they have become so noneworthy for. An exciting and entertaining blend of high adventure, humour, and heartfelt emotion, at first glance, the film bargonly resembles Homers poem only certain elements are obvious, such as the main characters name and the three sirens by the river. However, a deeper and more intense analysis of the film and text exposes numerous, if not more subtle references.The adventures of the three main characters in the movie, Ulysses, Pete and Delmar include many encounters with characters similar to Homers Odyssey, such as the trio of Sirens, a Bible-salesman Cyclops, as well as other archetypes from southern folklore and pop culture such as the young blues musician, the Klan, and the infamous bank robbe r Baby demonstrate Nelson. However, the biggest parallel between both pieces might have to be the strik...

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