Monday, May 6, 2019

Biochemistry (cardiovascular biomarkers the advantages and Essay

Biochemistry (cardiovascular biomarkers the advantages and disadvantages) - Essay Examplelood sugar, ECG and ECHO provide a gross information of the cardiovascular status, estimation of risk and figurehead of cardiovascular disease is possible only through definite markers of the disease. The last-ditch aim of prevention of cardiovascular disease is to prevent end-organ injury like myocardial infarct.Myocardial infarction mainly presents as chest pain. Infact, chest pain is a common cause for attendance to exigency departments. While millions of people present with chest pain every year, only about 10- 15 per centum are actually diagnosed with myocardial infarction (Pasupathi et al, 2009). Lack of appropriate diagnostic and clinical tools to ascertain the presence of myocardial infarction has contributed to unnecessary hospitalization, investigations and expenses (Pasupathi et al, 2009). It is often is difficult to rule out acute myocardial infarction from several other causes o f chest pain. But, in view of the high rate of morbidity and mortality associated with the condition, it becomes supreme on the part of clinician to diagnose it and treat in promptly (McPherson, 2010). While ECG is useful in study acute myocardial infarction, it is not a very sensitive and specific raise for diagnosing the condition (Statland, 1996). Infact, in more than 50 percent cases, ECG is non-diagnostic with atypical features (Statland, 1996). Over several years CK-MB was the gold standard for diagnosing acute myocardial infarction. However, recent research has tarnished the image of even that test and troponin testing has replaced that (Statland, 1996). As of now, the search for ideal cardiac marker continues and currently, a combination of more than champion marker is used to establish correct diagnosis and prognosis. Ideal marker for use in clinical cardiology would be that which is cardiac specific, that which rises immediately after infarct begins, that which after elevation, remains in the blood for several(prenominal) time, that which is easy to measure, that whose measurements

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