Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Types of Organizational Structures

Question 2 Would it be wrong of Rushton as a Group Managing Director of the organization to ask Walter or so his health? Defend your answer by applying to moral principles. In the Kants morals, the Rushton is not wrong to ask Walter intimately his health, because Kants Ethics is saying a person doing their duty, means that person is right no relationship with the what go forth. workout Rushton as a Group Managing Director of the organization, this is his duty to ask for Walter about his health.Another, Rushton also is not wrong to ask Walter about his health, because in Utilitarianism Ethics is a theory innormative ethicsholding that the worthy course of action is the one that maximizes utility, specifically defined as maximising happiness and reducing suffering. Simple said that it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong.In this case Rushton is asking for Walter about his health, this leave behind make the Walter un blissful, but in the most of Walters colleagues will happy , because they can be relieved in their working place. In conclusion, Rushton it not wrong to ask Walter about his health. Question 4 In what way, should the go with address the problem of public business concern and prejudice when employee with acquired immune deficiency syndrome has signal contact with nodes? In that way, the company should provide more relevant about AIDS information to customers.People simply touching someone with AIDS or being in contact with them do not transfer the disease. If there was contact between open or exposed flesh accordingly thats a different story. AIDS will transfer the disease fair(a) has only a few ways, example during sexual contact, as a result of injection drug use and as a result of an occupational exposure. So the company can talk about AIDS transfer disease information to customers. This way can make customers screw about AIDS knowledge and also can save customers worry.Another way, the company can transfer AIDS patients to other less(prenominal) direct contact with customers subdivisions. An example of this case, the company can transferred Walter from senior procedure manager into other departments such as financial departments, production department or quality control department does a manager. These departments are not directly in contact with customers. In these ways, the company can hold out to employ talents and also can prevent customers fear and prejudice.

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