Monday, March 18, 2019

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Historically, societies suck up had a great deal of incline over the singles making up their respective civilization. Every society, regardless of how sovereign their society allows their populous to be, directly and indirectly extends a level of control. self-directed persons often think of themselves as immune to societys covert sway and to varying degrees they are however, their core identity is ultimately wrought and molded by interacting with other members of humanity. When I hear a maxim such as pull yourself up by the bootstraps or Im the captain of my mail it stirs feelings of sovereignty and freedom and the ability to whatever I want, whenever I want. In some themes these statements are true, if for example virtuoso wanted to go the movies, that person could simply get in their gondola car and go to the movies. Perfect example of being the captain of your own direct Seems to be a sound statement, but what if the person didnt collect money to see the movie, or couldnt walk to the movies because they didnt have legs due to an injury during the Gulf War. Now it appears that his ship has been commandeered The above case in point is an example of how society will have a hand on the rudder of everyones ship Even if that individual indomitable he was going to the movies, circumstances beyond his control have rigid what he can and cannot do in certain situations. Because of the war this individual had no legs, because he had no legs he didnt have a job, because he had no job, he had no money consequently he wasnt going to the movies. Proverbs like being the captain of your own ship are merely motivational anecdotes that help alleviate the sometimes stinging certainty that is ones potential. Everything an individual does is governed in some spirt by the constraints put upon him or her by society and their relevant place in society.

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