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A Career In Marketing Essay -- Careers Jobs essays research papers

institutionChoosing a c beer in marketing can lead a individual in many another(prenominal) different directions within the square upd roles of marketing. Composed of many facets and activities marketing careers offer a variety of avenues for the career minded to research while offering growth and opportunities for advancement. A common denominator for many who prefer a career in this field is the sense of ownership, or entrepreneurial spirit with regards to the harvest-festivals or services that they are deforming to market. market requires that an agreement of customers needs and desires be acquired and then translated into both harvest-festival development as well as communications as part of the marketing strategy. This newspaper will explore what is entailed in a career in marketing, as well as what the future holds for the profession. Because marketing professionals are needed by every company and in every industry, the career potential and chances for determinati on ones niche within the career field are virtually unlimited. bedrock of sellingA broad(a) definition of marketing is the process of the intermediary function between product development and sales. (Reddy ) The field of marketing entails winning a generic product or generic service (the product or services do not have to be generic they may be actually unique to the marketplace) and associating the generic product with a brand name (Petty 2001). Under this generic concept are the activities of advertising, semipublic relations, media planning, sales strategy and so on. Marketing professionals create, manage and/or prove brands in order to create or bolster demand for the product. A successful marketing plan will help assure that consumers looking beyond just the price or function of a product when making a purchasing decision, in part, a well aforethought(ip) marketing effort will create a feel good association about the product the consumer is about to purchase (Petty) A name part of a career in marketing is to understand the needs, preferences, and constraints that define the target group of consumers or the market niche corresponding to the brand. This is do by market research. This is accomplished through market research, essentially utilise survey techniques, statistics, psychology and social understanding to help gather study on what consumers want and/or need, and then designing products, or services, to hopefully meet ... per week. (Locke) Those entering the field must be able to work well under pressure and thrive off meeting deadlines and goals that are set. In some positions, substantial travel is not uncommon. In acrimony of the rigors associated with a career in marketing the outlook for the profession is bright. Marketing is a vital necessity not only for business firms, plainly is also needed and utilized by governments, educational, religious, social service, and nonprofit organizations or institutions. Perhaps the most al luring aspect of a career in marketing is the fact that it provides a great number and variety of ruminate opportunities, and can offer opportunities to both number crunchers as well as intuitive creative people as well. BibliographyBeckman Theodore N. Davidson William R. (1997) Marketing Ronald Press Inc.Hills Gerald (1994) Marketing and Entrepreneurship Quorum BooksLocke Christopher, (2001) Gonzo Marketing Winning through Worst Practices Perseus Publishing Petty Ross D. Editors Introduction The What and Why of Marketing American Business Journal, Vol. 36, 1999Reddy C. Allan (1999) Quality Marketing, Gaining Markets Shares Quorum Books, 1998

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