Friday, February 8, 2019

I. C. T. :: Computer Science

I. C. T.DATA LOGGING AND CONTROLIDENTIFYMy blood brother (General Moeen Ahmed Abbasi) who was about to start his business enterprise of manufacturing new fighting jets had asked me to force him asystem by which he could be able to bet how his business was running.The reason for why he had asked me this is that I had my own businessof exploitation new software and hardware.I went to meet him and he told me that he undeniable such an applicationby which he could be able to see his telephoner details employees details customer details shipping / importation / exporting details sales ExpensesAnd so forth. He wanted me to make this system of his ready in twoweeks. This was of course more past enough, but as you should knowthat on that point are many plenty outside who havent got a clue of what usesa computer is and how to use a computer is absolutely out of question.Now lets get back to the subject, as I was saying that it shouldnt fritter away me too long. The longest it will t ake me should be no more than bingle day to design the database, one day to make it and two days toenter the company information.The bus had told me that to do everything manually would be like amigraine headache, because he also has a hotel that he used to runmanually and then had the experience of running somethingmanually is like the horse riding you. So I have planned to splitthe database system into four parts.1. company details (sales, employee details)2. customer details3. shipping details4. query essayThe most suitable mailboat that I found for this database system isMicrosoft assenting. You must be thinking if we have a company of growth new software then why dont we use our own software, the assist to this is that we are develop only that kind of material whichis yet non on the market. The reason for why I have chosen thispackage rather than any other package is that firstly this package is easily to use (a plus point for them), secondly it has several morefacilities and at last I am more familiar with this package.For hardware/software there wont be any problems because luckily wehad provided them with this. So the programs (software) will more in all probability be the same. However I will be using Windows XP, Pentium IV asmy processor and I will be using Microsoft postal service XP. For backup Ishall most possibly use a CD-RW or a memory card should do.

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