Sunday, February 24, 2019

Compensated Dating

Wu Wing-ying (right) says compensated go out is non inform-category specific, Even if a student studies hale up, her chaste and value may not be straighten out, and testament love to make quick bucks for brand names as well A keep up found that nearly five per centum of substitute school respondents express they would involve in enjo-kosai, of which 2% came from (Band 1) moary winding schools. there was a case in which a Band 1 17-years-old secondary school girl, who engaged in enjo-kosai for merriment and quick money, recognized the consequences of enjo-kosai subsequently contracting a internally transmitted diseases.The post responsible for the survey/investigation saw that the values of compensated dating girls had been distorted, instead the agency emphasized that enjo-kosai was equivalent to harlotry, and that young girls needed to bear the consequences of enjo-kosai such as contracting familiarly transmitted diseases, pregnancy and psychological problems. The Hong Kong Association of sex activity Educators, Researchers & Therapists Ltd, using questionnaires, discourseed nearly 3000, average age of 15 years old, bring in 1. to Form 6 students in May 3000.Survey showed that 4. 6 percent of respondents said they would engage in enjo-kosai, of which 2% came from Band 1 schools, followed by 1. 7% from Band 3 schools and 6. 6% secondary school students responded that they knew or they are friends with students currently in enjo-kosai. The survey as well pointed out that, 87% respondents saw enjo-kosai as a means to earn money for highschool consumption, such as to buy brand-name items. Second, 43% said they could find union/being loved in enjo-kosai, as well as 24% respondents said they engaged in enjo-kosai for drugs.In addition, 61% of respondents thought enjo-kosai was sinful besides 45% believed enjo-kosai was a way of social life that provided contrary needs, and 38 percent believed enjo-kosai was the best way to make quick money. Ng wing-ying, vice chairman of the Association said that Hong Kong girls had many misunderstanding of enjo-kosai intellection enjo-kosai was not immoral, and notwithstanding thought that enjo-kosai did not involve sex but love from money exchange, and access to care/concern, to which she believed having such distorted values and belief will cause great harm.She believed schools category had no concern to people zesty in enjo-kosai, Even if a student studies well in school, her/his moral and values may not be correct that he/she will excessively earn quick money for pet brand name. Ng said she had contact with a 17-years-old girl compensated dating girl called Aling (a pseudonym) coming from Band 1 secondary school with a middle-class family background. Due to hopeing to make quick money, hit fun and hope to obtain concern/care, she engaged in enjo-kosai, who also recruited those female students lacking money or wanting to have fun into the sea of prostitution.Yesterda y, The Association played a short segment of Alings interview yesterday. Aling said that she started enjo-kosai at the age of 14 because she could make easy money. She aerated about 1500 dollars, or even as high as 4000 dollars. Once, her node didnt use condom and she had sexually transmitted infection. She said that she only halt enjo-kosai after meeting her boyfriend, and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. She deeply regreted for engaging in enjo-kosai.Ng wing-ying worried that enjo-kosai would proliferated rapidly through the network, coupled with spend approaching, enjo-kosai would become the hottest summer job. She pointed out that young girls already had fuzzy moral boundary, as Internet popularized, the prevalence of compensated dating would spread to cyberspace as well, such as online enjo-kosai advertising in which young girls handle prostitution as selling goods, clearly stating their figure measurements, age, and range of service which reflected the girls ha d completely itemize themselves as goods for sale.Ng also pointed out that or so prostitution synidcations would induce girls with drugs so that they could easily manipulate the girls to long-term prostitution once the girls were addicted to drugs, however Ng emphasized that enjo-kosai is prostitution, and young girls should be aware of potential problems from enjo-kosai such as sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, sexual assault and consequences of other psychological effects.She added that parents should be vigilant about their childrens behaviors, including whether they had short have more money, bought brand-names and cellphones, as well as instilling their children veracious values. In addition, the Police should vigorously deter compensated dating activities, and schools should also incorporate moral and sex education into the curriculum of moral and sexual education in order to stop this unhealthy rising dash of enjo-kosai. reasons to compensated dating 1. 87% wants to make quick bucks for spending on brand names 2. 47% says they like customers to give expensive gifts 3. 3% wants to be loved by someone 4. 42% earns money to buy drugs 5. 33% to earn tuition fee and pay family expense In the past, law had cracked down many enjo-kosai activities. In one operation, police found 20 underage girls, of which the youngest was only 13 years old. The girls and the clients two thought enjo-kosai was a normal social activity. Social worker said young girls in enjo-kosai thought they had the freedom to pick clients therefore they did not picture themselves as prostitutes, and these young girls also over-estimated their problem solving abilities, such that their situations was similar to people with drug problem.Police and social workers are affair for parents, teachers and school social workers to pay attention to the abnormal behavior of girls. Kowloon atomic number 74 Crime Headquarters Chief Inspector of the fifth team, Chung Chi-Ming said in Septemb er last year to target enjo-kosai, they commenced their first operation colossus search operation, and successfully bashed two prostitution rings. In the second operation, though they found prostitution syndicates to have reduced activities, an emergence of Internet Pimp appeared, that is, a middle man who worked for both enjo-kosai girls and clients. There were even female middle men who became enjo-kosai girls first, then turned to pimping after they didnt want to engage in enjo-kosai. From the operation, 20 girls, aged between 13 to 16 were found, of which some had disappearing records. Chung Chi-Ming said that compensated dating girls came from broken families, burning to be care, even embellished prostitution into normal social activities, the words they much say are We are not chickens, just compensated dating.Chung Chi-Ming urged parents and teachers to pay careful attention to students money spending behaviors through musing or conversation. If they found studnets to hav e profuse spending behavior, parents and teachers should seek serve well from school social workers so that social workers could make referrals for psychological rede or contacted Police for possible criminal involvement.

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