Monday, February 18, 2019

Changes vs. Improvements :: Social Issues Government Essays

Changes vs. ImprovementsIntolerance, war, dissimilitude and poverty - these argon just a few of the issues found in the texts that we get read this semester. Even though some of them were written hundreds of geezerhood ago, the same problems equable exist in our world now. Many things have changed over time, but they have not necessarily improved. Today, we are still involved in wars and violence with our continued presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and different foreign countries. We still persecute the poor by raising taxes and wounding funds to the programs the like Medicaid and Welfare, while making it easier on the upper classes. We are very intolerant of the practices and beliefs of others whether it is homosexuality, different religious beliefs or opinions on abortion. to the highest degree of these issues have been problems in the past, and unless we do something to change them, they will continue to be problems in the future. There is no fracture place to find e xamples of todays social problems than the newspaper. In the April 15 issue of the Creightonian, the April 14 and April 18 issues of the Omaha World Herald there were an abundance of articles to the highest degree problems today. Despite the accompaniment that writers and other artists were dealing with them hundreds of years ago, these problems are still on the straits in todays society. In the Omaha World Herald, there were umteen articles related to war. They were primarily about the involvement of the United States in Iraq. In one, it referred to a kidnapped American man and how he was videotaped at gunpoint, holding his mountain pass to his chest and apparently pleading the U.S. to withdraw its troops from Iraq. In response, death chair George bush-leagues spokesman said, Our position is well-known when it comes to negotiating. This seems to be a rash example of the idea of One man, or many? meaning it is better to sacrifice the life of this one man rather than r isk the lives of many. This makes the Bush administration seem cold and heartless and shows our stubbornness when it comes to leaving Iraq. Instances like this reaffirm that it will undoubtedly take a major topic for us to exit their country. Another article from the Omaha World Herald was about keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

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