Thursday, January 31, 2019

Laughter Essay -- Biology Essays Research Papers

LaughterAnalyzing irritability is like dissecting a anuran. Few people be interested and the frog dies of it. --E. B. WhiteWhy do people laugh? Laughter is contractable and therapeutic. It helps us cope with stress, and relax with friends. It is an indication of happiness, the sole reason we go on living. But what causes people to laugh? People laugh at jokes, semantic humor, which relies on cognitive ability to process the humor therein, or sometimes at slapstick type behavior requiring no smart understanding. People laugh at different things and for different reasons, and for the few that are interested at the expense of the frog, it can be interesting to investigate. either individual varies in their neurological pathways through their boxes in their brain to chance upon the output of laughter from a fleck of different stimulant drugs. Laughter is caused by certain visual or audio stimuli, often by science of the unexpected or the incongruous. A surprise in expected inpu t can result in an emotional change, however major or minor. As H. Spencer says in his Physiology of Laughter, the nervous system in general discharges itself on the muscular system in general either with or without the counsel of the will (1). Incongruous input causes an emotional change, and in the case of screaming(prenominal) response, resulting in the contraction of facial muscles and certain muscles in the abdomen. The epiglottis half closes the larynx, resulting in giggling, guffawing, or gasping, and tear ducts are activated. These outputs of the nervous system we refer to as laughter can be arrived at through a number of pathways through the boxes of the brain, fabricated in each individual throughout their animateness to that point. Although different parts o... ...2Bbut%2Bits%2Bbenefits%2Bare%2Bmany,%2Band%2Bunmistakably%2Bclear.%2B%2522%26hl%3Des%26lr%3D%26sa%3DG6) encontrar el hueso divertido del cerebro ,http//,%2Bbut%2Bits%2Bbenefits%2Bare%2Bmany,%2Band%2Bunmistakably%2Bclear.%2B%2522%26hl%3Des%26lr%3D%26sa%3DG7) gerencia de la tensin y causas de la tensin ,http//,%2Bbut%2Bits%2Bbenefits%2Bare%2Bmany,%2Band%2Bunmistakably%2Bclear.%2B%2522%26hl%3Des%26lr%3D%26sa%3DG

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