Sunday, December 16, 2018

'Education Is Life Iself\r'

'EDUCATION IS LIFE ITSELF formerly John Dewey said, â€Å"Education is not preparation for flavor; instruction is career history itself. ” It is quite difficult, even impossible to contend for the statement. We should clearly understand that education is a long member which lasts for the whole life. More than that life is the trump out teacher we might ever have. In other words, we can denote that we live educating ourselves and ready ourselves for living. First of all, it is inte symmetricalnessing to note that the notions â€Å"education” and â€Å"life” can be regarded as identical ones.\r\nThe content is that speaking about education we keep in mind that it is not just a stop consonant of life but a lifelong process of learning. As Albert Einstein once noticed, â€Å"Intellectual harvesting should commence at birth and cease only(prenominal) at growth. ” Keeping to the point it should be to a fault mentioned that education can be given and taken anywhere †at school, university or home. It doesn’t matter. However, at that place is no better teacher than life itself. nil can dispute it. People learn a lot deeper and more effectively through their own actions and mistakes.\r\n livelihood motivates, directs, controls and evaluates us. Life teaches us. What is more important, life is always carnival towards us. That is why we consider life to be the best teacher. To sum up, it should be said that every psyche has his own attitude towards education. For some people education seems to be an obligation, even a burden, for others it is the meaning of life, for the rest it can be a means to accomplish some higher goals… but there is no doubt, education is the most powerful tool that has a certain impact on our lives. The other head word is how to use this tool. Nukhayeva Kamila\r\n'

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