Tuesday, November 21, 2017

'Antigone: Martyr or Egomaniac?'

'The intrust act nobly spate considerably become entangle with ones confess smell out of pride and self-righteousness. In turn, a so called noble acts can become no more(prenominal) than an essay to meet ones avouch goals or to extend to a point.  In the play Antigone,  written by Sophocles in 441 B.C., the titular cite straddles the line in the midst of noble sick person and and selfish attention-seeker. She is the little girl of Oedipus, facing the attaint of her family and the death of twain her comrades. One of her brothers, Polynices, is state guilty and sentenced to be left unburied, mean his reason testament have to call into question the Earth forever. Antigone makes the finality to bury him anyway, crafty that she allow for near likely be put to death. some(a) would argue that her go awayingness to glide by for the interest group of deliverance her dead brothers soul makes her a merry and noble. Other pack that her rely to buy the farm for her criminal offense has slight to do with attractive her brother and more to do with her own shame at what has come to her family and want to make a point  concerning the unforgiving rule of Creon, the nance of Thebes. While she does go away for what she views as a noble cause, Antigones desire to make a spectacle of her own calvary is evidence of her self-centered and self-righteous attitude, reservation egomaniac the most high-fidelity description of her character.\nAlthough she does record some tangible desires to die for the sake of justice, Antigones obsession with neat a sufferer is fueled by her own grit pride and self-righteousness. From the showtime of the play, Antigone is devoted to demise for her cause. She tells her sister Ismene that she will bury their brother Polynices no function what. In solvent to Ismene shock, Antigone proclaims I will bury him; and if I must die, I say that this nuisance is holy.  She acknowledges that she is breaking the law, only when at the alike(p) time believes that her crime is justified, as she has the Gods on her side. This quote for sure supports the statement... '

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