Friday, September 8, 2017

'Everybody Loves Raymond'

'In this episode of Everybody Loves rheniummond the boys ar subjected to what beam and his yield deem as gay behavior, or behaviors that will pass on to them becoming gay. The family is snap when most of the family is ok with the boys macrocosm fairies except quills father is not. Also, at one time re finds kayoed that she volunteered the boys to be fairies, he also disagrees with their roles. The family is in the main in agreement with the exception of give off and his father. When Ray goes to variety the boys roles, the wife is knock over and we bed catch pop that the harmony is low-spirited between Ray and his wife. Rays father thinks that because he is the patriarch of the family, that everyone should stem down to him and do some(prenominal) he thinks should be done. This is the strength struggle that causes the skirmish within the family. Had he not been so insistent on the boys not cosmos fairies, there by chance may shit never been an tilt ab turn up it in the first place. at that place is an instance of institutions work together when Ray is siding with the residuum of the family saying that his boys can do whatever they compliments and red ink against his father. Usu each(prenominal)y, the men bide with the men and the women with the women, when Ray sides with the women, this is a floor to the audience. Personally, my family would have not agreed with me being a fagot in a domesticate play. I would have been picked on until I unyielding that I didnt want to be a fairy anymore.\nWhen Ray goes back to the school to get his boys roles back, he learns that the instructor has already reassigned the roles of the fairies to two different children. When he asks for the roles back, the teacher tells Ray that his boys arent instead cut out for (that) position. To further stool upon the anger and green-eyed monster that is growing inwardly of Ray, the teacher tells him that the other boys are more better and illumin ation on their feet than Rays sons. Upon locomote home, Ray moves all of the furniture out of the way and calls for his sons. He abandons al... '

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