Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Handmaid\'s Tale - Chapter 15

How is situation presented in chapter 15?\n\nPower is presented in chapter 15 in contrary carriages by dint of with(predicate) the characters and descriptive words that are used. billet is also presented through the thoughts and feelings of these characters.\n\n hotshot way in which motive is presented in chapter 15 is through the actions of Serena Joy in the inception few sentences as Offred says that the air force officer is waiting outside of Serena Joys rule and how he has to knock in advance enter. This shows that Serena Joy does have around(prenominal) situation over her save the commander; the point that he has to knock before entering and also has to be allow permission to enter, even though he is the head at Gilead shows that Serena Joy is allowed to share some of the power that the commander possesses.\n\n some other way in which power is presented in chapter 15 is through the commanders resembling that he wears. The fact that he wears the uniform shows p ower because it shows that he is almost a higher rank than the handmaids at Gilead, the uniform also shows that he has the most power in Gilead and also that he is in command by exhausting the commanders uniform, and to perhaps intimidate the women. The uniform also shows that the power he has over the women is standardized a commander to soldiers, and that they will succeed his ensnares.\nPower is also presented in chapter 15 as a commander to his soldiers again as Offred describes the women as if they are stati 1d care soldiers, but they are stationed in positions: standing up, kneeling and session down; that they are in place and are non allowed to move unless an order is granted by the commander. The way that the women are hardened is like a routine in the forces and how the women have been trained like soldiers to obey the commander.\nAnother way in which power is presented from the commander ordering these women is from the quote one false move and Im asleep(predica te) which shows that the handmaids have to be situated how the commander wants, and if s... If you want to draw off a full essay, order it on our website:

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