Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Prejudice of Language

The English delivery does not totally be of mensuration American English. at bottom the English linguistic process, there be many tongues that form geographically or ethnicalally. Because of this, populate subconsciously judge other people for sermon differently from us, peradventure in a right smart that we can identify with a particular social assembly or geographical office (Cruzan, 3rd edition, p.7). Not only is a person organism judged by another(prenominal) person for their address, plainly the person doing the speaking is also making the campaign to speak a certain(a) way because we shape our identities and how others see us through our speech (Cruzan, 3rd edition, p.6). The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the bourne prejudice as an indecent opinion or arguing formed without just drive or before suitable knowledge. Judgments argon formed scarcely based on speech, but the ones who are doing the judging do not seem to capitulum the origins behind th e dialect or the importance of the dialect in a cultural aspect. Among the non standard dialects of the English language are Chicano English (Fought, PBS, 2005), a dialect spoken mainly by people of Mexican ethnic origin in calcium and the Southwest (Fought, PBS, 2005). Chicano English has a long history that involves Spanish conquest and American integration. correspond to Javier San Roman of the Los Angeles Unified give lessons District, Chicano English is a point of intersection of two major relexification that took emerge in the history of Mexico all over the past 500 geezerhood (p.6). San Roman defines relexification as a linguistic mechanism by which one language changes its lexicon to that of another language (p.6). According to the casebook How English Works by Anne Cruzan and Michael Adams, lexicon is defined as a collection of a languages morphemes, whether in a speakers mind or in a book; the diction of a language, broadly conceived (2012, rubric p. 500). The fir st lexicon change, relexification, occ...

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