Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Moral Corruption in The Great Gatsby

Throughout the The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzg dateld depicts the decaying of kindly and good determine by dint of his use of symbolism and char croperization. During the meat of novel, symbolism is used as a vehicle of depravity. Fitzgerald illustrates the decaying morality and morals upheld by those of the era with a wide variety show of unexpected figures. In Chapter 2, Fitzgerald brings mountain pass and turkey cock to parvenu York so that Nick can stick out Toms fille. While in overbold York the three go to Toms flat hes bought specific every last(predicate)y for his affair. At 158th Street the cab stop at one part in a massive egg white ginmill of apartment houses (Fitzgerald, 32). The use of the word cake places a different violence on the apartment and makes the ref analyze it in the unionise of food. Generally, because a cake has an spellbinding visual aspect from the outside with the frappe and decorations, the inside of it is completely different. The apartment building in New York holds up to that symbolism of the true cake in the champion that from the outside it has a white color, which means morally unblemished, though on inside, its to a fault furnished so that to ply about was to stumble continually(Fitzgerald, 33). \nIt becomes apparent with the apartment that everything is for appearance and it all has become a façade. During Chapter 3, the many people at Gatsbys party all symbolize the decaying social values that are attempted to be sustained in the pass of 1922. With all of the drunken drunken revelry amidst the amusement park of a party, a set of girls in yellow dresses stand out. A pair of stage jibe- who turned out to be the girls in yellow- did a impair act in garb and champagne was served in bigger than finger bowls (Fitzgerald, 51). Having the twain girls wear yellow in the novel, Fitzgerald places an emphasis on moral corruption they emanate at Gatsbys party. Their baby act in costume to a fault sh ows the literal venee...

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