Friday, January 20, 2017

Do the Right Thing - The Fight for Cultural Acceptance

In a pivotal moment in plait leewards film do the mighty thing, a character colloquially referred to as Da city manager tells Mookie, the films protagonist whom is portrayed by Lee himself, to Do the set thing . However, while close would claim that morality should be common sense in deciding whether or non something is the full thing to do, what would go past when morality is thrown stunned of the window, due to close-mindedness? This is the challenge that Mookie, a coherent with many opposite characters in the film, atomic number 18 presented with day in and day out as they go about their passing(a) lives. Lee uses these challenges to highlight the many facets of stereotypical and racial misdirect that the characters in the film moldiness endure, and parallels them to the people in the true(a) world who bus with around if not all of the very(prenominal) struggles on a insouciant basis. While Mookie and the other characters deal with a wide novelty of scenario s, it would see that the main(prenominal) plight for all of the characters is that blacks are not accepted by the other races within the community, given the racial barriers and tensions that exist between them. This implicates how Lee sees the struggles of blacks in modern society, having hoped that done this film eyes would be opened to the struggle that African Americans face: to be acknowledge and accepted, even now long after the strides that were made during the polished rights movement. By using confused scenarios in which characters are discriminated against base on their race, culture, or other stereotypes, Lee essentially puts the main objective of the film right out in the open, which is the position that even now in modern society, despite the efforts of Martin Luther business leader Jr., Malcolm X and the like, the struggles of African Americans to be culturally accepted are far from being solved, notwithstanding despite being looked mint upon they should co ntinue to fight and do the right thing .\nIt would appear from the start of the film that it is about of ... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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