Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Integrity and Courage in The Crucible

In life on that point be many stalwart and chivalric people. In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller there argon three characters that stand surface when talking about(predicate) honor and bravery. caper and Elizabeth proctor on with Giles Corey demonstrate that integrity and enduranceous may non be the easiest elbow room to go its the right thing to do. At the end of Act ii, Cheever comes with a warrant for Elizabeth Proctor. She has been charge of knifelike Abigail with a needle. legerdemain Proctor does not want to let her go because he fears the worse if he does; however Elizabeth decides to go peacefully. Ill go posterior (Miller 73). Elizabeth Proctor shows integrity and courage, as she greets that her life is on the bank line if she goes, but still decides to go peacefully. Elizabeth shows both integrity and courage in leaving her kids and her maintain k at one timeing she might not return. Perhaps thats why she married backside Proctor, who as well shows integ rity and courage.\nElizabeth has beneficial been arrested and taken to prison. Meanwhile John is trying to convince connect Warren to testify against Abigail. embrace Warren lets John know that she knows about his affair with Abigail and John at this point becomes assured that his wife is the most all-important(prenominal) thing and he has to do whatever it takes to safe her. in time if it means his reputation and his yell gets ruin. We are only what we everlastingly were, but naked now (Miller 76). John shows his integrity and courage because he knows that his reputation is at risk but he is determine to save his wife and he doesnt disquiet of what the people think of him. John Proctor shows he is a good man and his friends, including Giles Corey, fortune his integrity/courage.\nElizabeth and John are discussing what has happen to their friends and neighbors, John asks about Giles Corey. Elizabeth tells him that Giles would not admit or deny anything because either way th ey would take his land. They say he give them but two words, more weigh he said and...

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