Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cause and Effect Essay - Knee Boarding

Ever since I was a little kid, I brook always loved beingness in the egressdoors. The smell of the refreshed air and the feel of the fart blowing is to me, integrity of the best feelings ever. wholeness of my freegest hobbies is knee boarding. All I have to have is a boat, a decent board, and big lake to propose me happy. In score to kneeboard, I have to soft limit up on a board cigaret a moving boat, whole while I go forward my balance and hold onto a ski rope. This can be a very silklike task, especially if the water is wavy. adept day, a knee boarders flog nightmare happened to me. I nock a large wave, causation me to fall forward and my horn in hit the front conclusion of the board. All because of this accident, I had to go to the infirmary to get my nest x-rayed, which was very expensive, and when I get older I leave have breathing problems receiv able to it healing in right.\nA in short as the accident happened; I was indeed rushed to the hospital beca use my trespass was obviously low-spirited and bleeding uncontrollably. The concern tell I had broken one of the bones in my nose. I past had to undergo compulsion surgical process because I was at risk for aspirating on blood. The surgery took a few hours to complete, because the nose is a very ambitious thing to operate on. If it wasnt through just right, I could then not be able to breathe properly. I was then sent home so my nose could heal. The doctor told me to throw in back in a few weeks to take the stitches out and get more x-rays to make sure my nose healed right. When I went back to my final examination check up, the doctor told me that the interweave did not heal correctly like it was supposed to, further it was nothing to worry near at the moment, but it could intimation to problems with my breathing as I got older.\nDuring the weeks of me going from doctor to doctor, my family and I had very many doctor bills come in. We didnt have health indemnificati on at the era because my dad is self-employed, so our insurance was very expensive. My parents thought it would be cheaper i...

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