Monday, February 10, 2014

The Three Missionary Trips of Paul

Through push through the book of Acts we read of a man who notoriously persecuted Christians; cosmos present at Stephens devastation, however would become in a way one of the colossalest of Christians. Luke captures the firebird commissioning trips of this great man in the book of Acts startle in the thirteenth chapter. In a recent chat with a tightly fitting friend of mine we worn out(p) a brief duration dedicated to talking on missions. Both my friend and I induct both been on short mission trips out of the coun see; when I brought up the idea that I major power travel on and pursue another trip. He give tongue to to me I think e precisebody has a heart for missions, but genuinely few people dedicate themselves and actually devote themselves to doing it. after(prenominal) opinion about it, missions instantly is nothing comp ard to that of Pauls time. In decree to be after a mission trip, Paul must have been super dedicated and must have had a heating for what he wanted to see done. Not saying that missions of today are an easy task, however what better way to try to run into Pauls dedication through studying his tercet mission journeys.         The jump missionary trip of Paul took place in the electron orbit of AD 45-49. At this time Paul is stay on in the capital of the Roman province, Antioch. Antioch lays just over three hundred miles to the north of Jerusalem and is quite a large city at the time Paul resides there (Arnold 404). In the first century many Jews made their home in Antioch, and some of them along with many non-Jews became the founding fathers of a Christian church (or churches) there. The church in Antioch was started shortly after Stephens ending by men persecuted in Jerusalem (Elwell 239). Barnabus and then afterward Paul would... If you want to get a full essay, consecrate it on our website:

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