Friday, February 7, 2014

Summary Of The Lovely Bones

Chapters 1-2 Fourteen-year-old Susie tells her story from paradise, where she exists later on having been raped, murdered, and dismembered in a wintery corn field by her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. She introduces her familyher father, Jack; mother, Abigail; sister, Lindsey; and brother, Buckleythe boy she likes, shaft therapy Singh; the lead investigator on her case, Len Fenerman; and her heavenly intake counselor, Franny. Susie begins to adapt to her heaven and learns that it reflects her desires and wishes, and that everyones heaven is slightly different. With Frannys help, she begins to understand what it means to be dead. She still deficiencys to start out up and live, but now, since she cannot receive actual living, she must be content to watch what happens on earth. Three days after Susie disappears, Detective Fenerman tells Jack the justness have found a body part. Susies parents have fuss dealing with the horror of their daughters slicingneither wants to believe that Susie is dead. In addition to the body part, the police find various objects belong to Susie that indicate she was killed in the cornfield: a copy of the legend To Kill a Mockingbird, her biology notes, a love letter from Ray Singh, and her winter hat. This finally item convinces the Salmons of Susies death. Ray Singh becomes the polices rootage suspect. Susies family does not believe that Ray killed Susie; nevertheless, the police believe that his absence seizure from school on the day she died, his dark skin, and his rather tyrannical attitude make him a viable suspect. Despite his alibi, Ray, already considered an outsider by his classmates because he and his family came from India, becomes more socially uncaring at school. Chapters 3-5 Susie continues watching family and friends, and as they go about the melodic phrase of living, she narrates both recent and gone events. When Susie left earth, her spirit unknowingly brushed against Ruth Connors, a girl from school. This contact initiates a connection between! the...If you want to get a bounteous essay, order it on our website:

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