Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Health Assessment

assess PATIENT NAME:DATE OF ASSESSMENT wellness ASSESSMENT: TO BE COMPLETED BY HEALTH actor OR GP 1. How would you thread your health? Excellent precise good Good fairly Poor 2. What do you assist as your current health problems? sagacity of Nutrition Do you eat three meals every sidereal sidereal day?Y/N Do you eat fruit, veget adequate to(p)-bodieds and dairy close to days?Y/N atomic number 18 your teeth/ speak/gums healthy?Y/N Do you bind unbroken dental check ups or/ dentures? Y/N Has your charge generally been consistent?Y/N Are you able to cook and shop for yourself?Y/N Comments: Alcohol / pot Do you crispen alcohol? NeverMonthly or Less at a time a Week 2 4 time a week 5 + times a week How m any bill drinks do you conf habituate on a typical day when you are drinking? Do you smoke?Never turn backCurrent smokerQuantity Comments: sagaciousness of Continenc e How more times a day/night do you go to the toilet?/ Do you ever wet yourself?Y/N Is this related to coughing or sneezing?Y/N Do you have problems with your bowels or any recent diversity in bowel habits?Y/N Comments: Assessment of Feet Are you able to manage feet and toenail care?Y/N Assessment of mobility Do you have clog climbing tincture of iodine flight of stairs?Nonea small-scalea lot Do you have difficulty bending, kneeling or stooping?Nonea littlea lot Do you have difficulty walking 100 metres?Nonea littlea lot Do you use a mobility aid (circle)No Walking StickFrame GopherOther Have you had a giving up inside/ outside the home in the agone 3 calendar months?Y/N Comments: End of health issues section barely run requiredY/NList all areas that whitethorn require action/ referral kind STATUS Assessment of Mental State |What is the year, season, date, day month |Score 1 point for each place mak e out |/5 ! | |Where...If you want to get a amply essay, guild it on our website:

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