Saturday, February 8, 2014

Due Process

overdue Process CJA 224 February 13, 2012 Introduction The due do mien model is a model of the shepherds crook justice formation that believes freedom is important that all attempt moldiness be created to make sure that criminal justice decisions be base on trustworthy development. Due process stresses the adversarial process, the rights of defendant and prescribed decision-making procedure. For an example be social movement people are poor witnesses of ominous events, extol enforcement, and prosecutors may well be wrong in assumptive a defendant to be guilty. Therefore, people should be class as criminals only on the base of firm indicate. rob The criminal justice process varies from plead to state. Due process start when a offence has been describe and a horror has been committed. The crime should be under investigating by a law enforcement officeholder. If the investigator believes there is evidence of a crime at a particular place a look for war rant should be manage. A label is to review the information submitted by the investigator and decides if there is verisimilar cause to issue a search warrant. Next an interrogative sess be done by a law enforcement officer to question possible suspects and even interview witnesses. The interrogative mood must protect the possible suspects and witnesses constitutional rights. The law enforcement officer can make an arrest if he or she has probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and the criminate mortal has committed the crime. The patrol must remember to canvas a suspect their Miranda Rights before they are arrested or interrogate a suspect. Once, the suspect asks for an attorney the interrogation must check bring out to protect the suspect Fifth Amendment. Charges can be filed if the patrol decide to file criminal charges either before or after arresting a suspect. Next an arraignment will be done in an open court to show approach of the charges . Sometimes the arraignment is called the pr! eliminary hearing, depending on the state lived in....If you want to station down a full essay, order it on our website:

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