Sunday, February 2, 2014

Debate Of Fiber

Running Head : DEBATE OF FIBERDebate of Fiberindicate your name hereindicate the name of your prof hereindicate the academic institution here The Central Silk Technological hunting Institute in Bangalore , India has been successful in the growth of silk blue blue jean , giving a new dimension to both jean and silk segments of the textile industry (Kotrannavar , Rao , Srikant , Bhat Somashekar . The interesting features of silk denim garments include graduality , lightweight comfortable to wear in all the seasons , and coincide with the smooth and luxury feel (Kotrannavar , Rao , Srikant , Bhat Somashekar . The mulberry silk in 6 and 12 ply tram misrepresented and eri silk of 2 /60s , 2 /80s and 2 /120s grey screw threads were employed in weft for development of 100 silk denim fabric (Kotrannavar , Rao , Srikant , Bhat S omashekar . but the cotton yarn of 2 /60s , 2 /100 Ne and linen yarns of 40s , 50s Le were alike utilized in weft on the silk bow (Kotrannavar , Rao , Srikant , Bhat Somashekar . Different varieties of silk denim fabrics can also be unquestionable by using mulberry lancinating silk of 20 /22 denier that can be doubled and twisted in the necessitate plies and eri mill spun silk yarn available in the counts of 2 /40s , 2 /60s , 2 /100s and 2 /120s Nm and 20s Ne noil yarn (Kotrannavar , Rao , Srikant , Bhat SomashekarNatural fibers be derived from plants and animals . Plant fiber has a cellulosic prop that can be used in a long range of products much(prenominal) as...If you want to get a full essay, ordination it on our website:

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