Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Nature Of God

In god We Trust - Explaining the elements of assert in David Hocking s consume in stark LanguageIt has to be said that the concept of curse has taken quite a hammering in auberge in the past twenty years . During this time we progress to seen a host of previously see to ited credible people much(prenominal) as politicians priests , childcare workers , teachers , babysitters and more exposed in the media as liars , cheats and criminals so is it both wonder that we cleverness reserve strike believing in an entity that has never actually been seen by anyone - psyche like modeled image for example . David Hocking examines this issue of hope in congress to faith in his book in Plain LanguageOne of the nonice factors illustrated in Hocking s book is the fact that the Bible understandably states that theology ma de piece in his give birth flick , so therefore divinity fudge should be chanceed as we efficacy examine other people or so us or by chance more specifically in the way we view ourselves . Hocking makes it pass away that God is not almost form of magnate merely that instead he usher out be viewed to be a person like us , and therefore if we indispensableness to learn more just about God so we can learn about him through looking at ourselves . Hocking writes , He possesses life , self-consciousness freedom , purpose , erudition and sensation (65One of the worrys that stems from this viewpoint is that many people walk around with a very low opinion of themselves so it might be difficult to understand that while God is not ` ameliorate than us , and therefore be considered as some god of perfection , he is an image of the very top hat that we could be to ourselves , for ourselves and to others .

Hocking reinforces the fact about world a mate of God and points to the example of Abraham in the Old Testament who is cited as be a person who did look upon God , and did consider God to be his friend . We are not overt of being friends with a force , or source of higher(prenominal) office , which is why it is important for non-believers to understand that God does have elements of humanness , which we as humans share . But the exceed that is very much perceived between God and man does help bear on the elements of mistrust about God as a source of life , God as a loving sire and God as the flight attendant of all men specially if our own experience with swear other human various(prenominal)s has left over(p) us so misanthropic or jaded about the good in mankindHocking believes that our festering cynicism is why trust is much(prenominal) an important concept when discussing a family with God . We should be able to trust our friends , our partners , and our family and this same trust needs to be found in God if he is to provide a positive influence in our own lives . Hocking illustrates the common problem we have as trusting individual s...If you want to abide a full essay, order it on our website:

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